Top 25 States By Number of Trucking Companies

Besides the Hollywood (not everything is about movies) one of the main production is the wine which first came with growing grapes.

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Every year 17 million gallons are produced. Half of that go worldwide with the help of the best trucking companies in California as :

Ranked third by size but first by a number of trucking companies with more than 250,000 trucking companies – hard to compete with and really too hard to beat.


This article is about the Top 25 States by Number of Trucking Companies in which I’ve tried to include as well all interesting facts for those 25 States. Every State has his own unique mark which makes it worldwide recognized California – Hollywood, Texas – Rodeo, Florida – best beaches etc.

I hope I kept your attention with all interesting things and unique facts for the Top 25 States by Number of Trucking Companies. Share your experience or opinion with us.



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