Top 25 Trailer Leasing Companies Nationwide

Additionally, Idealease is committed to the vehicle uptime.

They are always hiring professionals in their niche. More importantly, they are cost-effective which means that you will get the best services while reducing the risk of higher expenses and costs.


Notably, it is one of the trailer leasing companies to which you can put your trust on. To emphasize, Idealease is focused on your success.

Idealease offers a variety of services to their loyal customers:

  • Dedicated Maintenance;
  • Mobile Service;
  • Periodic Federal and State Inspections;
  • 24/7 Roadside Assistance;
  • Idealease Fleet Services;
  • Fuel Cards;
  • Fuel Tax Reporting;
  • Vehicle Licensing/ Permitting/ Legalization;
  • Motor Vehicle Report Service;
  • Telematics Services;
  • Safety and Compliance Training;
  • Driver Training;
  • Replacement Rental Services;
  • Discounts on Rental Services;

As you can see from the services of Idealease, they can help you idealize your vision and mission.

7. Jilco Equipment Leasing Co., Inc.

Jilco Equipment Leasing has been providing affordable trailer leasing services since late 1967. Since the day they started, they were driven by their mission and vision.

Continually, Jilco Equipment Leasing is providing top quality services from day one which makes it one of the best trailer leasing companies.


Their mission is to meet all their customers’ needs. The leasing company is providing a wide range of leasing services.

To begin with, they have the right trailer for you. Whether you need it for refrigerated, dangerous goods, or cattle transportation, Jilco Equipment Leasing Co is there to help you.

It is one of the most effective trailer leasing companies regarding the services. Having said this, did you know that Jilco Equipment Leasing Co is the leader of the trailer leasing companies?

8. Premier Trailer Leasing

To continue with, Premier Trailer Leasing is among the best trailer leasing companies in the nation. In like manner, they are specializing in leasing.

Not only the company specializes in a long-term leasing but in the short-term leasing services as well.

Further, there are over the road dry van trailers, the reefer trailers, flatbed trailers etc. For the purpose of renting, they have an inventory of 35,000 trailers.


More importantly, they have a network of locations across the country which continues to grow.

Since their goal is to have satisfied customers, Premier Trailer Leasing is constantly investing in new trailers.


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Correspondingly, they are investing in the crucial parts of equipment and technology as well. Speaking about technology investments they have implemented the following:

  • GPS Tracking
  • Monitoring and Remote Control
  • Fuel Savings
  • Free Access to Emergency Roadside Assistance

9. Chicago Trailer Pool Corporation

Chicago Trailer Pool Corporation has literally everything you need. Having said this, they exist since 1986 and they rent, lease, buy and sell equipment.

They specialize in semi-trailer leasing. On the subject of this, Chicago Trailer Pool leasing includes the following equipment:

  • Over the Road
  • Dry Freight Vans
  • Local Cartage Trailers
  • Flatbed trucks
  • Roller Beds
  • Lift Gate Trailers

In addition to this, the Chicago Trailer Pool is one of the biggest trailer leasing companies. Furthermore, their company has a fleet of 2400 trailers.

Continually, due to their wide range of fleet, they certainly have the one that you need for your trucking business.

10. Bowman Trailer Leasing

Bowman Trailer Leasing is founded back in 1972 and is a regional provider of equipment leasing. The goal of Bowman Trailer Leasing is serving the needs of the trucking and transportation industry.

The company is headquartered in Hagerstown, Maryland and dominates in trailer leasing in over 30 locations, mostly in the east.


In addition, it is a regional provider of the following:

  • Road Trailers
  • Storage Trailers
  • Sea Containers

Further, they have used and brand new, flatbed trucks, dry van trailers, and storage containers. Continually, they are serving the trucking industry with 48’ as well as 53’ trailers.

The only thing to do is to find custom trucker hats for your drivers or choose the best truck tire.

11. Nationwide Haul

Nationwide Haul is definitely among the best trailer leasing companies. It is a family-owned trailer leasing company which is headquartered in the Pompano Beach, Florida.

Whether you are one of the intermodal trucking companies, warehousing or car transportation companies, Nationwide Haul has the right trailers for your transportation business.


Through the years of being involved in the trailer leasing business, they have managed to get the most of the experience.

In this way, it has received a place among the best trailer leasing companies. Furthermore, they are leasing the highest quality trailers at a wholesale price.


In addition, their leasing equipment consists of the following trailers:

  • Tractor Trailers
  • Straight Truck Trailers
  • Dum Truck Trailers
  • Flatbed Loads Trailers
  • Dry Van Trailers
  • Reefer Trailers

While offering the best leasing trailers, they are offering superior leasing services at the same.

Having said this, they are a licensed provider of trailer leasing and are always striving to exceed customers’ expectations.

12. PLM Trailer Leasing

PLM Trailer Leasing is considered as the most unique among the trailer leasing companies. To put it in another way, the company is dedicated strictly to the freight management.

In addition, this uniqueness is allowing the company to focus more on the customer solutions.

To emphasize, this means to focus on flexible refrigerated solutions in order to reduce the risk of fleet expenses.


As an expert in the leasing industry, PLM Trailer Leasing is open with their customers. For example, they are openly sharing their experience as well as knowledge with the help of data analysis.

To continue with, they are modeling the trailer fleet in order to reduce risk and cost. On the other hand, in this way, they will increase the performance of trailers.

Thus, they are leading their leasing company closer to their customers and building a trustful business as well as loyal customers.

13. Trailcon Leasing

Trailcon Leasing is among the most trustworthy trailer leasing companies nationwide. This statement is due to their opened relationship with their customers.



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