Top 50 Fleet Management Software Companies in US

Moreover, if you are looking for ways and means to maximize and optimize your route, keep in mind that my route can do it all for you.



What makes My Route even better to use is the fact that you can export it to GPS or mobile. So, by using your smartphone you can navigate easily. Yet, it has as a well multi-stop route planner.

8. Truckers Helper

Truckers Helper is pretty much unique fleet management software. What makes this fleet management software so unique is the fact that it was originally conceived by truckers, more precisely by John and Sheila Ewing, back in 1990.

Thereupon, we can see that these days Truckers Helper is making it easy to trucking companies. What this fleet management software will offer you is a fully-integrated, complete and real-time enterprise resource planning.



So, Truckers Helper will provide you with:

  • Billing;
  • Load Management;
  • Tracking;
  • Accounting;
  • Safety Compliance;
  • Fuel tax tracking and reporting;

9. TruckLogics

TruckLogics as one of the top 50 fleet management software companies in the USA is improving the productivity and the streamline by managing your business.



All things considered, TruckLogics is featuring generation of invoicing and at the same time can track all payments in your trucking company. All in all, this fleet management software can make the work of your truck drivers a lot easier because it is letting them input their expense information, to check calls as well as to upload assigned dispatch documents.

10. CFA Software

CFA is a leading fleet management software, it is providing smooth management approach for your fleet. At the same time, CFA is functional both for large fleets as well as for small fleets.

Thanks to CFA fleet management software, there are numerous trucking companies these days that are reducing and controlling fleet costs, without spending additional money about enterprise pricing.



CFA as a leading fleet management software can track:

  1. Equipment Replacement;
  2. Asset Management;
  3. Warranty Tracking and Recovery;
  4. Fuel Consumption and Costs;
  5. Inventory Management;

Afterwards CFA is providing their software solutions to both public and private fleets. By using this software you will be able to control the costs and expenses of your trucking company. You will be provided with metrics that can reduce and control your costs.

11. Fleetio

Fleetio can definitely be considered as a leading fleet management software. I have also mentioned this fleet management software in one of my previous blogs- 100 Best tools to run trucking business.

Thereupon Fleetio can contribute to the success of your company. This software has flexible permissions and unlimited users. It makes it be winnable for trucking companies.

Also with this fleet management software, you will be in the position to keep track of the key for surfacing actionable insight, which is the data visibility.



So, Fleetio can:

  1. Identify and manage exceptions;
  2. Track asset and manage exceptions;
  3. Standardize vehicle purchasing;
  4. Track asset reliability and durability;

Thereupon, if you decide to use Fleetio for your needs, then you won’t have to worry anymore about conducting inspections, submitting photos, as well as adding comments from your mobile device.

Fleetio will help you remain compliant.

12. USA Fleet Solutions

USA Fleet Solutions is designed to help trucking companies monitor the performance of trucking companies’ fleets. Also, this fleet management software company can be proud of its fleet management solutions in the industry.



Moreover, the trucking companies which are using this fleet management software have increased their asset visibility, safety management as well as compliance.

Yet, what differs USA Fleet Solutions from the other fleet management software companies is their feature of critical event reporting. This feature enables its users to prevent any possible accidents. Also, they have the Vehicle Inspection Tool as well.

13. Wialon GPS

If you are looking for a multifunctional fleet management software, then you might want to take a look at Wialon GPS. This fleet management software is present on the market for more than 14 years. Wialon GPS is available in more than 130 countries.



Moreover, Wialon is the ultimate solution that can boost your fleet efficiently. Fuel thefts and unfair executions are no longer present in the trucking companies that chose to use Wialon.

Later on, Wialon can keep track of the movement and actions of your units.

Yet, this fleet management software can allow you to:

  • Track a specific set of units;
  • Keep track of the speed, fuel, and temperature;
  • Execute commands and automatic job performance;

14. Carmine

Carmine is part of the top 50 fleet management software companies. This software company is present on the market for more than two decades, and so far has more than 5.000 satisfied loyal customers.

Moreover, Carmine is mainly focused on the North American market but is also available in other countries. Also, Carmine by incorporating the most advanced technology has achieved to reach new levels of productivity and profitability.

By using Carmine you will be able to perform on-time pickups as well as on-time drop-offs.

15. GPS Insight

GPS Insight is the kind of fleet management software that can offer you numerous benefits, starting from eliminating time on the phone locating drivers, up to saving hundreds or thousand dollars in labor hours. For this reason, it is named as one of the top 50 fleet management software companies in the US.



On the other hand, GPS Insight can provide you with the long-needed insight of your fleet’s actions. GPS Insight can help you stay compliant with DOT regulations.

Thereupon, GPS Insight Vehicle and Asset Tracking Solutions will provide you a real-time visibility and actionable data. So if you choose GPS Insight you will choose:

  • Safety of your drivers and loads;
  • Monitoring if drivers’ behavior;
  • Reducement of accidents;
  • Lower fuel and labor costs;
  • Maintain your vehicles more reliable;

16. Omnitracs

Omnitracs is a fleet management software which is dedicated to delivering value to fleets as well as businesses of all types.



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