Top Trucking Industry CSA Violations – Meaning And How to Avoid?

To put it in a different way, the brake CSA violations are present in every four violation types.

Continually, the brakes are also important when it comes to operating a truck.

Furthermore, not only they are important to avoid the CSA violations but they are important to prevent truck accidents.

CSA violations - brakes

With regards to the CSA violations, not having brakes that work properly results in 4 CSA points less.

In particular, the brakes are among those truck part supplies that need to be inspected before and after every transportation.

Think about it.

CSA violations - brakes inspection

Having proper function of the brakes is really important in the driving process, especially in the trucking.

There are just so many factors involved.

For instance, the truck driver’s health, the cargo securement, the CSA violations, as well as HOS violations.

How to Avoid

Sometimes, in order to avoid or prevent a problem requires skills and wide knowledge of the trucking industry.

Furthermore, there are cases which require professional assistance in order to stop or fix a particular trucking problem.

The best thing is to check your brakes and brake calipers before you hit the road.

CSA violations - brakes replacement

Notably, every kind of training in the trucking industry is welcomed in order to help you with CSA violations.

To emphasize, in order for a truck driver to be able to make brakes inspection, he needs to have truck driver training completed.

Having said this, even the new truck drivers would be able to fix or inspect brakes if they received a proper truck driver training.

CSA violations - how to avoid violations
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To put it differently, when it comes to CSA violations, the process of discovering a brake problem involves measuring the stroke.

Therefore, if you are one of the professional truck drivers who has acquired other skills besides operating a truck, you will definitely know to inspect the brakes before hitting the road.


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On the subject of this, I would mention the owner-operators here.

The traits of the independent drivers are definitely not similar to any other truck driver has.


Generally speaking, knowing the value of CSA violations is knowing your worth.

Moreover, it is knowing the value of your safety and security.

Continually, the above-mentioned violations are really important to avoid while on duty.

Do not be another one among the 12% of drivers who are violating the Compliance, Safety and Accountability Points.

Be a driver for example instead.

Do you need to get a truck driver award in order to avoid the CSA violations?



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