Truck Driver Health: 50 Tips to Stay Sharp on the Road

Truck Driver Health: 50 Tips to Stay Sharp on the Road

4. Truck Driver Health – Don’t Eat Only Meat

I know we all like to eat meat, but eating meat only is not good for your body!

Meat contains a lot of proteins that are good for your well being, but if you focus on “meat only diet” then that can cause some health issues, too.

So, add some other protein sources to your diet like legumes, protein shakes or drinks, eggs, avocado, sweet potato, or some vegetables that are reach on protein like asparagus or broccoli.

Truck Driver Health: 50 Tips to Stay Sharp on the Road

5. Truck Driver Health – Eat Less Fatty Foods / Snacks

Fatty foods are a big reason for poor truck driver’s health.  I know they are tasty and you don’t need to prepare them, but again they are very bad for your health, especially if you are trying to get in some sort of  “healthy habit diet”.

You can find some other healthy food you like to snack on instead of chips, chocolate, burgers and such, which can plug your arteries and cause some serious health issues.  A good replacement for this “junky” food will be whole grain crackers, nuts and seeds, apples…

Here is what health and wellness expert Eric Banter has to say for the “Healthy Trucker”.

6. Truck Driver Health – Be Careful Of Too Much Sun

The sun is great; after all we love having the warm rays shine down on us. But we all know that too much sun can be a problem. Sunburn, heat injuries, and skin cancer are some of the concerns. When possible don’t stay out in the sun for too long, if you do need to be out use sunscreen, or wear a good pair of protective sunglasses. It will be good to have with you some 50ph sun lotion as well.

Just remember overcast days can be more harmful than bright clear day because you don’t feel the burn as quickly. So whenever possible reduce the amount of time in direct sunlight.

Truck Driver Health: 50 Tips to Stay Sharp on the Road

7. Truck Driver Health – Get Plenty Of Sleep

Sleep is important. I am sure you have been told this from the time you were little, “Go to bed”. Well as usual mommy was right. Different studies will say how must rest you need based on your age and such. But all experts agree on two things. The first is to get between 6 and 8 hours of uninterrupted rest. The second is limit outside noise and light as much as possible.

Truck Driver Health: 50 Tips to Stay Sharp on the Road
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8. Truck Driver Health – Remember Your Supplements

Of course, the best way to get all the vitamins and minerals you need is to eat proper meals. But the sad reality is that just isn’t always realistic, though sometimes by choice rather than circumstance. So when you can’t eat your fruits and vegetables, in the daily-recommended quantity, take nutrient supplements. Of course check with your doctor first and see what is recommended for your age, weight, and other health issues.


Truck Driver Health: 50 Tips to Stay Sharp on the Road

9. Truck Driver Health – Maintain A Healthy Weight

We all know that according the American Medical Association, the Surgeon General, and all the health nuts out there, there are recommendations for what your weight should be. It is also true that obesity leads to heart disease, joint pain, back problems, diabetes and other health concerns. So, maintain a healthy weight can be hard. But do your best stay within your recommended weight; you’ll look and feel much better.

Truck Driver Health: 50 Tips to Stay Sharp on the Road

10. Truck Driver Health – Always Remember To Relax

Being healthy is about more than just physical fitness and proper weight. It is also maintain proper mental health. The world we live in is full of un-welcomed stress. This comes from the job, family, bills, or even other drivers on the road, whatever doesn’t matter. What matters is how you decompress and allow yourself a means of temporary escape. You must relax and rest your mind. So do some exercise, read, work on crossword puzzles, play video games, sew, watch a movie listen to your favorite trucker songs, something that will allow you to relax and mentally recharge.

Truck Driver Health: 50 Tips to Stay Sharp on the Road

11. Truck Driver Health – Check To See If Your Company Supports Healthy Lifestyle Programs

Many claim that it can be hard as a trucker to get into a healthy lifestyle, because of the nature of the job, but that isn’t so. There are so many ways, if you are serious about being healthy. Check with your company to see what they offer. Perhaps they have reduced gym memberships (many gyms are nationwide). They might offer other programs as well, so check with them to see. If you just started your own trucking company, consider such programs. Having healthy drivers benefits both your company and the individual driver.


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12. Truck Driver Health – Skip The Fad Diets Just Live And Eat Right

This is so much true!  If we can just bring ourselves in doing it! We are all focused on losing weight while not being aware that all we need to do is eat right, do some exercise and live healthier.

“If you want to get healthy, don’t focus on weight loss, focus on health,” says John Siembida for Today’s Trucking.

Furthermore he says:“I want to come at it like weight loss is not my goal, strength is my goal and maintaining strength as I get on in years; and if weight loss comes from that, fantastic!”

Here is what truck driver Jerry M. has to say for The Healthy about his diet while on the road.

13. Truck Driver Health – Change Should Be Gradual

Each truck driver that is willing to implement few changes in his lifestyle should know that he should start small, and then build up to new habits gradually. We are well aware that the infinite energy source will keep you up on the track of change; is in fact the willpower! Therefore if you want your changes to be lasting you will have to take many small steps, simply take your time. “If there is no struggle, there is no progress.”- Frederic Douglass.



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