Truck Driver Recruiters : 10 Unrevealed Secrets Every Truck Driver Should Know

3. 3rd Party Recruiters

The agencies, individuals, and organizations that are engaged in the process of recruiting candidates are considered as third-party recruiters. Henceforth third party recruiters besides the regular obligations that every recruiter has- have also to collect information about students and to dispose those information to employers that are searching for truck drivers.


Thereupon the third party recruiters can be divided into : employment agencies, search firms, and contact recruiters. The employment agencies are actually organizations that are finding candidates and are proposing the best candidates to a particular company that is looking for a truck driver with those skills. These agencies can be paid both from the companies that are listing the job opportunity, as well as from the hired candidates.

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On the other hand the search firms are also organizations that are engaged in the process of contacting the clients and to select the most qualifiable truck driver among all candidates that have applied for that job opening. When it comes to the paying process- it is being done by the companies that are looking for truck drivers.

Whereas contact recruiters are different kind of organization- these recruiters are working with the company employer, they are mediators in the recruiting as well as in the employment function.

4. How Do Recruiters Get Paid?

The payment process of truck driver recruiters is done in different ways dependently of the type of the recruiter. In general the salary of the truck driver recruiters varies in accordance with the duties that they have, different type of truck driver recruiters have different obligations and straight proportionally to that they have different salaries.

For example the internal recruiters or better known as in-house recruiters are part of the companies that are searching for new truck drivers, so they are getting their salaries from their employer.

On the other hand, the field truck driver recruiters as representatives of a particular company that has chosen them, are being paid by that particular company straight after the potential employee signs the contract and their salary in general is based on the % of truck drivers that he is going to find.

Finally the third party truck driver recruiters are known to have the highest salaries of all types of recruiters in the trucking industry, and that is a result of their additional duties that they have to fulfill besides the regular interview processes.

5. There Are Bad And Good Truck Driver Recruiters

We often meet truck drivers that tend to state that they have come to encounter different types of recruiters- some good and some bad. Yet that is not something to be surprised with, because that is not only the case with truck driver recruiters, quite the same in every profession there are good and bad employees.

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When I say that there are bad employees, I refer to the fact that the employees that are at a certain position, in this case at the position of truck driver recruiters do not possess all the needed skills that the particular position requires and that can result in giving some hard time to the people that depend on their work.

On the other hand in the trucking business there can be found truck driver recruiters that have exceptional skills – that is to say good recruiters that are able to find jobs for even the most complicated candidates.

Henceforth, looking for a new job is not an easy process at all, and therefore it is a “must” for truck drivers that are in search of a job to get in touch only with good and experienced truck driver recruiters, because otherwise they will come to the point where the process of employment would get postponed.

Let’s have a closer look at the bad truck driver recruiters, because the sooner we understand their process of work it would be the better for the potential truck drivers- that way they will get to know how to detect bad recruiters when attending a interview.

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So the truck driver recruiters that are not skillful for their position can be easily noticed because they tend to have shot-gun approach- they will start sending you right away wide lists of possible companies, and they won’t show enough interest in helping you, all that they will want to achieve is to hire you to whatever firm, not the one that is most suitable for your skills and your requirements.

On the contrary good recruiters that know how to do their job in the most effective way will show interest in your requirements and they will make you feel important, while searching the best job opportunity for you at the company that will be the most suitable in accordance with your skills and experience.

These are only the general differences between good and bad truck driver recruiters, if we take a more detailed glimpse we can see that these two type of recruiters in fact do not have anything in common.

Thus, I would like to advice the truck drivers that are looking for a job to be very careful with what type of truck driver recruiters they are dealing with, and if they notice straight away at the first meeting that their recruiter is not paying enough attention to their requirements-not to make any future agreements with him/her.

6. What The Recruiter Can’t Help You With

The truck driver recruiters that are real professionals would know how to help each candidate that submits their resume by providing them with better definitions of the particular job opportunity, they will help each candidate to see how he is going to fit the role, also they have expertise in exploring the truck driver career change motivators and by that they will know how and where to place each candidate without taking a side interest.

Still there are several situations in which even the most skillful, and most experienced truck driver recruiter can’t help you with.

First of all, lets start with the fact that truck driver recruiters are not resume writers, they cannot make your resume or to change it by adding additional skills that you do not possess, or experiences that you haven’t had.

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Quite the opposite truck driver recruiters are paying a lot of attention and appreciate good resumes and candidates that are serious, and that are conscious.

Secondly, you cannot require from a truck driver recruiter to place you in a particular trucking company that you want to work for if you do not have a minimum number of years of experience for the required truck driver job opportunity.

Likewise the recruiter won’t be able to help you if you do not have a degree in the specific area- that is to say if you haven’t obtained a Class A CDL driver’s license it would be very difficult for you to get hired from a trucking company.

Yet in the last decade some trucking companies have made changes and have incorporated new things in their process of work more precisely they have made available CDL driver trainings for the people that want to start a career as a truck driver in their company.

Thereupon truck drivers that are applying for new job openings should be realistic with themselves and then with their recruiters, they should know what they can and what they cannot expect from the recruiters.



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