truck driver shortage - a real challenge for trucking companies

Truck Driver Shortage – Cause, Solution, Future!

All in all, the tactics that trucking companies should take in order to start hiring new truck drivers in the future include: upgrading the trucking equipment, recognition, reward programs, and increased pay.


To enumerate, there are many people shifting away from the transportation industry. As we have the chance to see, there are many reasons why truck drivers want to shift away from this industry- starting with the retirement process of many truckers up to the ones who are leaving the trucking industry due to the difficulties that truck driver’s lifestyle brings.

For several years so far, the trucking industry is looking for more and more workforce of reliable, skilled truckers, but so far the growing industry is not helping that much in recruiting more truckers and more importantly the right truckers.

Hopefully, trucking companies in the future will find a solution how to face truck driver shortage, and moreover to eliminate it.

Yet, if you have other suggestions in regards of the fighting truck driver shortage, please feel free to share it in the comment box below.



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