Truck Driving Career – Great or a Terrible Choice

Being on the road will allow you to see the diversity of the nature in a short period of time.

From Montana to Arizona and South Carolina, the excitement of the road is endless.


Are you up for a nomad lifestyle? Trucking is the way to go!

True, you will not have the usual 9-5 job, but you will be very far from the office. Looking at the positive side, you’ll get to work with your own pace and organize your time the way it fits you the best.

If you are an outgoing person and you are having a second thought whether you should start this job or not, make sure not to forget the fact that you will need to spend long hours alone. But, let me tell you, it is not all the time this way.

Truckers have many possibilities for new friendships. True, long hours driving alone are not something you can avoid. On the contrary, every time you go to load or unload your truck or go to any truck stop, you have plenty of people there. It will be the exact opposite from the lonely hours.

People sit and talk, have a coffee or dinner at the truck stops, exchanging experiences or just have fun conversations.

Trucking lifestyle is much more fun than it looks like in the first place.

Are you up for the excitement?

You’ll get Dental, Medical, Life Insurance, Vision and Retirement Benefits

Choosing the truck driving career will bring you some great health plans and benefits packages. Trucking companies know how important life insurance is for their drivers since long hours on the road come with some risks.

Even though you are careful driver someone else might not be as much, so, having medical, life and retirement benefits are crucial in the trucking career.

Getting a dental care is very important as well, because it does influence the overall health, comfort and mood.


The importance of performing an annual vision exam cannot be stressed enough since truck driver’s life can depend on his good vision. The complete packages, including dental, medical, vision and retirement benefits are available for everyone that pursues a truck driving career.

Your family can also benefit a lot from your medical packages. Along with you, they will also be able to use the same benefits and have a better health care when needed.

The packages however, vary depending on the employer so make sure you get what you need before you engage into any of the trucking companies.


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Retirement benefits are very important because a trucking life is something that can be done until a certain age. This definitely is not a life-long lifestyle. Therefore, good retirement benefits can allow you to feel better about yourself.

Moreover, you’ll feel appreciated for what you have done during the trucking career, and we know how much sacrifice is needed in order for it to be your years long career.

This is one of the many things that makes the truck driving career one of the most recommended careers out there. Great benefits, great salary fun and adventurous working hours, what more can you ask for?

Chance to Meet New People and Learn From Their Experience

Want to meet new people from different places and share experiences?

Trucking lifestyle is what you need!


Trucking is all about meeting new people from the same field and giving tips and advices to one another. Even though it is mostly lonely profession, it most certainly is not like that all of the time.


You will have the chance to meet new people from the trucking company as well as from the places you will need to deliver from and to. Especially, if it is a route that you will often take, you will get familiar with the same people. Moreover, you can get some truck driving tips from the more experienced drivers.

Trucking stops are a good place to meet other truckers that would help you out with new valuable information. New road regulations, things to pay attention to or things to be careful about or any information for that matter that concerns the job you can get from other truckers.

Great Salary

Your hard work will pay off!

It is well known that the truck driving career offers excellent salary wages. Working as a truck driver can allow you an income higher than those with a college degree.


The median annual salary for all truck drivers is $40.000 according to ATA (American Trucking Associations). However, there are many out there which have salary that goes over $70.000 a year.

In the USA only there are 1.6 million truck drivers. Trucking industry is in a continuous growth and new truckers are always needed


So, is truck driving career a good or a bad choice?

Whether or not a truck driving career is a good job opportunity, depends on you and you only.

As in any other job, there are good and bad sides that need to be taken into consideration. It is important to be able to cope good with the bad sides and enjoy the good ones.

The most important questions anyways are:

Do you feel the adventurous part of you waking up after reading this blog? Are you up for hitting the road immediately?

If the answers are positive, then we congratulate you! You have definitely found yourself into it.

Truck driving career is sure not a profession for everyone, but for some of you, it is the best one.

With great benefit packages and salary, far from the office desk, looking into an amazing scenery every day, it will feed your adventurous spirit.

If you are ready to enroll in this career, you can start by writing your resume right now!

We wish you good luck on your next adventure!



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