Ultimate Guide: All About Truck Gauges


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Most of the truck gauges that come from the above mentioned list can be bought for less than $100 which makes them quite affordable extra part of any truck cockpit and with easy to install do it yourself process there is no extra installation cost.

If you think that some of the gauges you have in your truck are good but you could use extra piece or two please don’t hesitate especially if you are the only person always driving the same truck for a long period of years – let’s say couple of years in a row.

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Future of Truck Gauges

The future is very hard to predict especially in this area of you ask me. Trucking industry is changing a lot over the last 10 years. Actually some truck body parts and any parts in general, have changed more in the last 10 years than in the 50 years prior that so it is very hard to predict what will actually happen, in trucking industry but based on some signals we can make the following conclusions:

1. Number of Truck Gauges in Cockpit will be reduced – based on the latest trends in trucking industry, what is popular this nova days, not only in trucking industry but in total vehicle industry is that the entire cockpit is shifting towards digital displays so there is no need for truck gauges at all. Some of them will be replaced by digital instruments and this trend that is now present in car industry will slowly over the next 5 to 10 years become a standard in trucking industry too.

2. Some traditional truck gauges could be out of use forever – unfortunately this is very close to happening or it already happened in some cases. Think about fuel tank level meter – just 10 years ago it was completely normal situation to have it standard/manual but today, nope – most all of them are digital. That can happen to most of the standard truck gauges in the cockpit over the next 10 years as the shift towards digital is happening.

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Like it is with all the things in the world and life, the only constant thing is that things are changing. And the same is happening to truck gauges industry. Demands and user habits are becoming more and more advanced. Truck drivers expect more information but in the same time they want that information to be delivered and present on the simplest way possible.

Those kinds of demands make the situation much more complicated for the manufacturers, so they don’t have other choice but meet our needs and demands. Truck gauges industry needs to adapt to those demands.

Today’s truck drivers and the entire world population actually is surrounded by easy to use smart phones packed with information, so we expect everything to be as simple as that, since we live in a world where technology is so advanced.

In the next ten years we can expect and we will see some dramatic changes in class 8 truck cockpit and entire interior will be fine tuned to provide better user experience but in the same time to increase the safety of operations and driving. Prepare yourself because some of the things that we watched Mart McFly uses in Back to The Future II will be standard part of every class 8 truck cockpit.



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