Truckers Report: 10 Future Trends in Trucking Industry


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That power of demand for change will definitely create a supply that already started by few very promising companies that have a plan to remove the brokers as the middle man and provide online platform where carriers and companies can work without middle broker company. The role of the broker will for sure shift in the following years.

It would be crazy to expect that brokers will not take their position and strike back by offering even better services so for us it is best to just sit and wait to see how this will change in the future and what would be the size of the change.

3.Loads Will Be Better Paid

Over the next period of 10 years all the market researches and truckers report show that load prices and average load per mile price will go up. It is not to be surprised at all by this fact, and in my opinion it is not a science fiction to make this conclusion. Due to arranging better paid loads, truck driver salaries are expected to go up as well.

Truckers Report 10 Future Trends in Trucking Industry

When we are looking at a truckers report we can see that the first thing to remember is – in order for you as a trucking company to receive better paid loads you will have to:

  • Have a clear view of what you really want, and to
  • Determine with what kind of clients you are going to work;

These are the two main rules that every trucking company should follow nowadays, and in the future when the future trends will hit the trucking industry. Therefore, having a clear view of what you really like to achieve will help you find which way to focus and lead your company.

What makes the point of determining with what kind of clients you are going to work so important is due to the income that you can make or loose.

With this in mind, if you don’t find the perfect client for your company, you might either get involved into a situation where the client pays with delay or worst case scenario- he doesn’t want to pay. So you are the one that is going to set your priorities and means of finding the right way to better paid loads.

To be sincere with you it is expected that better and more payed loads will be really easy to find.

Likewise I find the following things as crucial in order for you to find better paid loads:

  • Client with good reputation;
  • Client that pays on time;
  • Shipper that is well established;
  • Shipper that will provide you with loads constantly;

According to truckers report,we can see that no matter if you are hauling liquid materials, transporting over-sized loads, hauling cars or driving dump truck, there will be better paid loads in each sector of trucking industry. All you will have to do is to do your work properly and trust the timing. Better paid loads are on its way.

Truckers Report 10 Future Trends in Trucking Industry

Equally as the trucking companies are going to receive better paid loads, the companies are going to grow. By getting better loads the company will make money, and more money means more trucks and need for more truck drivers. Therefore success is on our way.

This is important to know so that most trucking companies can plan their future and make forecast of their future cash-flow positions and plan in advance all the activities related to company growth, new equipment purchases and so on.

4.Average Trip Length Will Be Reduced

By truckers report we can also see that this situation is already visible now at this moment. While before OTR trucking companies were able to find a load that is 2000 miles long lately over the last years or so it is not easy to find one at all. When you find a single load that has 2000 or even more miles in a row you consider yourself happy.

Truckers Report 10 Future Trends in Trucking Industry

By adapting to the newly made changes in trucking business companies are able to reduce the average length of trips. By reducing the average length of the trip trucking companies at the same time are reducing the costs and are improving their services. This way they have achieved to satisfy both- the customers and the truck drivers. Truck drivers were waiting for this change to happen for years.

On the positive side trucking companies will ease their work and will make the deliveries in smaller amounts.

Trucking business is one of the most important if not the most important in USA, there are around 3 million people that is in the trucking sector, so reducing the length of the trip and keeping everybody satisfied is of a great importance.

Reason for this is that companies and rental truck chains changed the way they run business in a big way. All of their effort is now invested into reducing costs and optimizing performance. That by consequence has that they put a lot of pressure on trucking companies in the area of good delivery requesting a lot more often but smaller deliveries which then impact the load length.

Instead of going one long they take few shorter trips and truckers report will be easier to get prepared.

Truckers Report 10 Future Trends in Trucking Industry

Thereupon, by going on few shorter trips instead of going on one long trip will also reduce traffic accidents and will improve the safety of truck drivers and other passengers on the road.

Although there are rules and regulations about the drive time for truck drivers, there are some that are not respecting that in order to earn more money. And by reducing the trips from longer to shorter, truck drivers even if they don’t want to they will have to make breaks between the trips. So we can see reducing the trip length can bring us only positive things.

5.Truck Driver Shortage Will Not Change

The very first time when driver’s shortage was noticed in USA was in Truckers Report from 2005. There is lack of truck drivers on the market and everybody knows that story, especially trucking companies. Truck drivers’ shortage is also due to the high average age of the existing workforce.

Truckers Report 10 Future Trends in Trucking Industry

The main three reasons why there is a truck driver shortage are:



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