Truckers Rights – What You Need To Know


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Henceforth, the Surface Transportation Assistance Act is prohibiting to trucking companies to fire truck drivers because he/she is refusing to drive under bad weather conditions. Every truck driver that has a reasonable apprehension cannot go under-disciplining or firing.

If it happens that a truck driver is claiming that he/she is disciplined or fired wrongfully, then he can address his claims to the officials of the U.S. Department of Labor.

4. The Right Of Home Time

Typically the lifestyle of any type of truck driver requires a certain amount of on-the-road time, some truck drivers might spend 2 weeks away from home, whereas others might be away from home for months.


So, speaking of that, most truck drivers, especially the new ones, have sometimes asked themselves the following questions:

  1. How long will it be before I can get home time?
  2. How long do drivers usually stay out on the road?
  3. How long will it be before I can get home time?
  4. Will I be able to get home when I want to?
  5. What if I have a family emergency while I’m on the road?
  6. What kinds of truck driving jobs will get me home more often?
  7. What trucking company offers the best or more frequent home time options?
  8. Where do I park the truck when I have home time?
  9. Where do I park the truck when I have home time?

Henceforth, OTR- Over the road truck drivers are mainly away from home for 6 and more weeks. When it comes to Local truck drivers they are spending more time at home in comparison to OTR truck drivers. Local truck drivers are home almost every night and have free weekends.

Thereupon, how often a truck driver will be home depends in general on the type of the job. The majority of truck drivers are returning home every 5-6 weeks. Still, most trucking companies are accepting a request for home time from their drivers, but at the end of the day, the nature of the freight movements is what dictates the free days and home time for truck drivers.

5. Discrimination And Equal Rights Of Women Truckers

Although the trucking industry is considered to be an industry that is mainly dedicated to males, or that is to say is “man’s world”, still the number of female truck drivers is dementing that statement. In fact, it has been shown that same-sex training laws have led to the violation of federal laws because it shows discrimination against female truck drivers.

Moreover, in reality, we can see that women make up to 47% of the workforce in the trucking industry. In addition to that, I must not forget to mention that only 6% of truck drivers are female, but women are 4 times more likely to pass their Class A CLD certification on the first attempt than men.


So, Ellen Voie, who is a chief executive of Women in Trucking Association has made all clear. This is a leading woman in the trucking industry, and as such she has shown that gender is not an issue when it comes to salary in the trucking industry. Female truck drivers get paid the same as male truck drivers, all that matters is the miles that you drive.

Discrimination and equal rights of women truckers is the essential among all trucker rights. Nowadays female truck drivers are trying to break the stereotypes, and they are going in the right direction. Driving a truck is not an easy thing to do, nor it will ever be, but the effort that female truck drivers are giving is huge, and it do pays off.

6. Anti-Harassment Trucker Right

Trucker harassment often happens through CB radios. If we sum up all facts and figures, we can see that the majority of harassments take place between male truck drivers and female truck drivers.

Thereupon, due to that, there are more and more female truck drivers that are turning off their CB radios, unless they need to communicate directly with another truck driver.

Female truck drivers are still experiencing nasty comments from other male truck drivers. In most cases, the anonymous male voice is hard to address. Making complaints of harassment is harder for female truck drivers because they make up very little of the overall driving force. It happens from time to time their complaints not to be heard and taken seriously.

All in all, when stating a sexual harassment fault against someone, it is necessary that the female truck driver has particular proves.

7. The Right To Allege Exposure To Different Hazards

The exposure to different hazards has led truck drivers to experience the most fatalities of all workers in all industries. If we show that in percentage it would be 12% of the overall workforce.


Therefore the truckers rights like the right to allege exposure to different hazards are really important. In order to have way more prepared and educated truck drivers, the Environmental Protection Agency –EPA has set more strict regulations, as well as hazard references to apply to the major trucking activities of the drivers.

All truckers must be familiar with the jurisdiction that DOT has put over the transportation process of hazardous materials. It includes:

  • DOT Regulations;
  • Training Requirements;
  • Highway Driving Overview;
  • General Hazard References;

Unlike before when truck drivers were unhindered by regulations and restrictions, today there is a better sight put on truck drivers by the government. In that direction, the Government wants to support the backbone of America, that is to say the truck drivers, and is doing so by setting truckers rights.

Additional Information About Truckers Rights

Furthermore, you have the chance to take a look at 9 more truckers rights. These trucker rights can also be considered as truck driver’s Bill of Rights. All of us shall remember the importance of truck drivers. If truck drivers stopped working, our daily life would stop.

On the other hand, truck drivers are missing family gatherings, missing holidays, as well they are not there to watch how their kids are growing up. These facts are more than enough to catch our understanding why there are truckers’ rights, and why truck drivers are in need of these rights.



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