Trucking Companies That Hire Felons

Trucking Companies That Hire Felons

Furthermore, being a truck driver for this company will bring you strong relationship connections with your customers. Hunt Transportation aims to grow by training professional drivers and by focusing on the needs of its customers.

5.Melton Truck Lines

If you are looking for a job and you want to be hired by a premier air-ride flatbed trucking company, in that case the perfect choice for you would be Melton Truck Lines. Melton Truck Lines are offering job opportunities to truck drivers that are new in the industry, to experienced drivers. Also Melton Truck Lines is one of the best companies that hire felons.

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Melton Truck Lines headquarter is based in Tulsa, this company is in the trucking business since 1954. In my opinion when choosing the company to apply for a job, feedback of truck drivers and customers means everything; in fact it can shape your thoughts and help you make the right decision.

The feedback that Melton Truck Lines has received from their customers is beyond excellent- 98% of their customers have responded that they are satisfied with their service.

Thereupon, Melton is one of the best trucking companies that hire felons, and it has successfully recruited one of the best flatbed drivers in the past years. They simply know how to select truck drivers, somehow they manage to see who is willing to improve and to show effort.

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Melton Truck lines provide to their truck drivers the following benefits:

  • Health program;
  • Dental program;
  • Vision program;
  • On-site Health Clinics exams;

If you get hired by Melton Truck Lines be sure that you will become a real professional, and a representative of the most dependable international carrier. This company offers several training sessions just before you start driving for them. On time delivery will become your specialty, and safety will become your best friend.

Melton Truck Lines are committed to safety of their drivers and about safe delivery of the loads . This company is a good choice , they have various quality awards and a lot of satisfied customers. Right now they have more than 5.000 satisfied shippers.

Melton is a trucking company that is flexible, throughout the years it has changes in a way to help and meet the needs of its customers. I strongly recommend you Melton Truck Lines.


Celadon is among the best trucking companies that hire felons in USA. This company was incorporated in 1985, and throughout the years has achieved continuous growth and improvement. Being for over than 28 years in this industry Celadon has employed more than 4.000 associates.

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Moreover, this company is one of the top truckload carriers; they are providing ultimate level of professional pickup and deliveries. Also this company offers trucking services like long hauling, regional, local, and international.  It is a company that offers chain management solutions to their customers.

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Therefore, when we take a look at the trick drivers of this company we can see professionalism. Celadon at the same time has trucking school, and is offering to their employees’ continuous trainings and updates that are happening in the trucking industry.

Their trucking school offer to their students on the job training by driving local routes. Also in order for you to become a truck driver you should know that every company is requiring a CDL driver’s license.

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It is good to know that this trucking company has the youngest and most innovative fleet on the road. Their trucks are designed to roll on the road without the need of any repairs. What I mean is that in comparison with other trucking companies and the trucks that they are using I can say confidently that their trucks are more persistent. At the same time they are emission free, and are equipped with aero package.

Celadon has received the 1st price at the National Fleet Safety Award, after knowing this fact we don’t have to do any research about their fleet. It is obvious that they pay a lot of attention of the safety of their drivers as well as the safety of the loads that they are transporting.

If you are looking for a job as a truck driver Celadon is unbeatably a good choice. They have the best fleet to drive for.


To sum up, finding job opportunities for felons is not that easy, there are not a lot of companies that want to hire ex-convicts. But wait there are different kind of felonies that a men can commit. That’s why the companies that do accept to hire felons have strict rules and regulations.

For example there are companies that accept to hire felons that have been convicted 10 years ago, also there are companies that hire felons with convictions that are 7 years old or more. Likewise we can see trucking companies that hire felons that are 5 years old , and that hire felons on case by case.

So if you are a felon and you are looking for a job in the trucking industry, but you find it hard, do not discourage yourself. Be sure that if you put enough effort you will find the perfect trucking company that will offer you job and respect.



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