Ultimate Guide of 10 Best San Francisco Freight Brokers

They offer one of the best services which include complete solutions to ship their goods from the manufacturer straight to your customer’s door. No matter, if the shipping is via ocean, air, rail or road, their team is fully committed to making the transport sustainable, efficient, and reliable.

They are using the TrakIt system that gives their clients a way how to monitor their goods, manage inventory, and meet their needs. They are providing a specialized customer service team who is there to help their clients throughout the entire freight forwarder process.

6. GWL Corp

GWL was established by John Ting back in 1980. Back then, his goal was simple, he wanted to make a global logistics company that will provide a complete door to door service.

Working on that focus, GWL has become one of the first companies in the Bay Area to match freight forwarding and United States customs clearance at the same time. For more than 30 years, GWL corp has grown a strong network of partners throughout the entire world. Including Asia to Latin America to Europe to the United States.

Their mission today is to foster educated importers and exporters for that matter. So, they can make informed decisions about their logistical needs.

Their main values are communication, efficiency, and integrity. Doing the right thing with honesty, fairness, and accountability is their main focus.

7. RS Express

R.S. Express is a full-service San Francisco freight brokers as well as a global logistics provider. They have licensed customs brokers as well as international freight forwarders and logistics professionals.

Furthermore, their team has licenses and certificates from United States Customs, the Federal maritime commission, and the International air transport association/CNS. Nevertheless, they are members of the Certified Transportation Network, National Customs Brokers and Freight Forwarders Association of America.

As well as the International Warehouse Logistics Association and many other international trade associations. RS Express base themselves on their big knowledge as well as their ability to express and use that same knowledge into efficient and accurate professional logistics services for their clients.

8. CFI Perishables

Back in 1974 was founded Commodity Forwarders, Inc. It was incorporated by Alfred Kuehlewind as a one-man office in Los Angeles. Moreover, this company is specializing in perishable products, mainly in transporting strawberries to Europe by air.

Later on, an office in San Francisco was opened in 1988. This office was opened to service the farms in Salinas/Watsonville and North Central Valleys. Of course, along with distribution to San Francisco and Central California retail distribution centers.

Today, they have agent relationships in the mid-Atlantic, Gulf and southeastern United States in cities such as Washington, DC, Atlanta, Dallas, and Houston. It allows the Commodity Forwarders to handle customized temperature sensitive cargo programs nationwide.

Furthermore, the company maintains good relationships with logistic providers in Europe, Middle East, South Pacific and Asia. Which allows them to work on door-to-door programs. That is a new way to better understand the changes in worldwide commerce.


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9. CEVA logistics

CEVA Logistics makes San Francisco freight brokers business flow.  Today, it is one of the world’s leading non-asset- based supply chain management companies.

They have designed and implemented the industry-leading solutions in both freight management and contract logistics. Moreover, the company has 41,000 dedicated employees. They are working in 17 regional clusters around the globe.

And, deliver operational excellence – to provide the necessary answers to the most demanding supply chain questions. CEVA logistics applies the team’s operational specialties to provide the best possible service. Furthermore, they have integrated worldwide network. And, there the main focus is equally on general business and the specialist needs of any possible sector.

10. Allen Lund Company

Allen Lund Company is a United States third-party transportation broker. They have offices nationwide. And, over 450 employees are currently working with global shipping and carriers. Furthermore, they need to arrange for dry, refrigerated (specializing in produce), and flatbed freight.

In addition, Allen Lund Company has also a Logistics & Software division, ALC Logistics, as well as an International division. Their license as a Freight Forwarder issued by the FMC is often overlooked.

Allen Lund Company was founded back in 1976 and has always maintained an excellent reputation amongst shippers and carriers. It is known as a premiere freight brokerage.
Their team has always exceeded the expectations of their clients.

Allen Lund company is continuously earning a Four-X rating with Blue Book and Four-Star ratings with Red Book Credit Services. Additionally, these are the highest ratings a company can receive for business ethics, financial strength, and credit practices.

A Very big indication of Allen Lund company’s dependability and reliability is that they practice a strict code of conduct. This code was established by the TIA (Transportation Intermediary’s Association).

Back in 2010, they were awarded for the Best broker of the year. And, surely, they are the best San Francisco freight brokers.


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Hopefully, we have managed to show you the best San Francisco freight brokers. And, the way they got to be one of the best and to maintain that position. However, there are many San Francisco freight brokers that are very well known and offer great services for their clients. We have limited ourselves to 10 of them all.

Make sure you research them all and read their history and ways and means they needed to get to be one of the best. Or even, to be able to maintain on the market for several years.

This is not an easy business to be in, it is very stressful and competitive. Also, the clients that are looking for shipments can be very demanding. Any broker’s job is stressful of course, so is the San Francisco freight brokers.



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