Ultimate Guide of 10 Best Washington Freight Brokers

Firstly, they are a dedicated Account Manager who promptly returns calls and is supported by an excellent and professional logistics team.

Another reason is that they are a trusted strategic partner in the corner to handle all audit, compliance and reporting matters. And is pro – active on any delayed shipments.

And last but not least is their flexibility. They have a customized solution to track shipments on a daily basis.

Source: www.aacb.com
Source: www.aacb.com

As they say, they are a leading provider of Freight Forwarding, Warehouse and Distribution. As well as Customs Brokerage services with over 35 years of experience in delivering logistics services. In addition, they build the confidence with their customers and partners for years.

The services that A & A offers are the following:

  1. Customs Brokerage – Their experienced customs specialists offer different  brokerage services to meet the changing needs of both importers and exporters.
  2. Freight Forwarding- They surely have a worldwide network of freight and shipping professionals. So, they can safely deliver any goods across any border anywhere in the world.
  3. Warehousing – They can create and manage a warehouse program customized to client’s needs. Also, they are assisting with all aspects of the warehousing and distribution requirements.
  4. E-Solutions – Their leading technology offers customers a valuable management solutions.
  5. Vehicle Importation – Whether customer needs importing or exporting a vehicle, their team of experts can assist with any Customs clearance & shipping needs.

7. DSV Global Transport and Logistics

DSV Global Transport and Logistics deliver any cargo safely, securely and on time. And, anywhere in the world by air, sea, road and rail. Also, they support all the warehousing needs.

Source: www.dsv.com
Source: www.dsv.com

They have few main goals and motivations that lead them straight to being one of the tops Washington freight brokers. And that is the following:

Customer first

  • They deliver great customer experiences and high quality services
  • Show pro-activity with  customer dealings and work hard to retain customers
  • They make it easy for our customers to do business with us


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Best performance because they are:

  • Transparent and driven by results
  • They work together as ONE DSV across our entire global network
  • Driven by entrepreneurship and local empowerment

True collaboration because they:

  • Take ownership and show initiative
  • Collaborate and communicate in a respectful way
  • Practice open dialogue.

8. Vanport

Vanport was established back in 1966. And this was done by Gene Cash, the current President of Vanport Trucking. He was working in the plywood pre – finish business. He worked in the Port of Vancouver.

Later on, in 1981, Gene and his son Mark Cash bought the first flatbed truck. So, they started hauling lumber and plywood to the local family and friends.

Source: www.vanporttrucking.com
Source: www.vanporttrucking.com

Both, Gene and Mark, later started hauling other commodities. After acquiring a business relationship with some of the customers they had. This was the start of a father – son team. And, it has continued to work hard and watch their company grow until today.

Today it is known as Vanport Trucking Company. Both, have developed a large fleet of local trucks that run throughout all of Oregon and Washington. Nowadays, Vanport is offering services throughout the Continental United States. As well as Canada, through the transportation division.

9. Seattle Port Consolidators

Seattle Port Consolidators have been serving the shipping community since 1987. They are located in the industrial area of Seattle. And, they are within a mile or two from Seattle’s major Steamship and Rail facilities. Which makes them one of the leading Washington freight brokers.

Their Container Freight Terminal has 30 doors and also it is paved, fenced and secured yard. Seattle Port Consolidators is specialist in general transloading, LCL Consolidations of dry and refrigerated cargo. Also, flat rack loading of steel, lumber and project cargo.


Additionally, many shippers find their service of banding flatracks very useful when it comes to preventing loose loads arriving at piers.

Furthermore, they have a lift capabilities on dock onto containers which goes up to 12,000 lbs. And, their yard lift is capable to 15,000 lbs. In addition, heavier lifts can be arranged.

10. Vanguard Logistics

Vanguard Logistics is established back in 1978. And, it has been steadily expanding its reach ever since.

Nowadays, they have more than 120 owned offices. Which are spread across more than 30 countries. Not to mention, they have employed more than 3,000 people. And are providing in excess of 1200 direct services every week.

Source: www.vanguardlogistics.com
Source: www.vanguardlogistics.com

If included their trusted partners as well as agents, this network expands their footprint to over 100 countries so far. Vanguard has also been consistently adding to its capabilities. Meaning, it is building a range of valuable services around its competency.


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Which is, Less Than Container Load ocean freight consolidation. Thus, they have become a one – stop shop for many partners. Especially, those looking for speed, frequency and control in the NVOCC market.

Vanguard’s operating principles are:

  • Global Integration
  • Compliance and performance
  • IT driven
  • Specific product experts
  • Management structure


Nevertheless which company you will find the best to collaborate or work for, we can assure you few things. These 10 companies are surely the 10 best Washington freight brokers.

However, there are many Washington freight brokers that are very well known. They all offer great services for their customers.

We all know that this is not an easy business to be in. We can all agree that it is very stressful as well as competitive.

Not to mention, the customers that need shipments can be very demanding. We are aware that any broker’s job is stressful. So is the Washington freight brokers.

In case you are in any other area, such as Utah, you can check Fueloya’s guide to the 10 best Utah freight brokers.

We are familiar with the fact that freight brokers job is demanding due to the big list of responsibilities they have on daily basis. So the phrase we usually hear that freight brokers are evil, it is far from the reality.



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