Ultimate Guide of 10 Best Freight Brokers in Utah


Utah’s freight brokers are one of the best and most dedicated freight brokers in the United States. Today, there are a lot of companies that offer this service in the state of Utah, mainly in Salt Lake City. So, in this article, we are going to show you only ten of them which we consider the best.

In addition, there is something that needs to be transported on a daily basis. And with a fast growing industry such as this one in Utah, there are many jobs available. Therefore, Utah’s freight brokers are the link between the shippers and the carriers.

What do Freight Brokers do?

Surely, you must be asking yourself what do freight brokers do daily? Or, are they even important?

The answer is not simple!

Source: www.amplitudeconsultoria.com.br
Source: www.amplitudeconsultoria.com.br

So, to simplify it, freight brokers are the connection between the shippers and the carriers.

Companies that need to ship goods already know most of the trucking companies.

But, do they have experience in dealing with one? Certainly not!

Even though they know the companies, they would still contact some of the Utah’s well known Freight Brokers. This way of working is the way the industry maintains for a long time.


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Shippers feel more comfortable to contact a broker for the shipment of their goods. Because they know the job very well, and they do not need the additional stress of a broker’s job.

Therefore, Utah freight brokers have the experience the shippers need. But, not only the experience matters. Also, the knowledge and the contact with the trucking companies.

10 Best Freight Brokers in Utah

As we have done before a list of the 10 best Alabama freight brokers, we have now prepared a list of 10 best Utah freight brokers down below. It will be a short guide for you to check on how they work and their brief history.

So, let’s get started!

1. Volo Freight Brokers

Volo Freight Brokers main focus is on delivering excellence in shipping and logistics. Also, they always need to serve their clients the best they can.

They offer great service from shipping to loading dock to customer’s site. The main principles of the company are to follow the government’s guidelines to safety, while still delivering fast even the most difficult freight.

Source: www.volofreight.com
Source: www.volofreight.com

Their team has a wide experience in the field. Especially, their carriers, dispatch people and customer representatives.

They are a fully committed company, and everything they do is done thoroughly. Furthermore, they are a full scale, non-asset based, resource – intensive TL and Specialty service provider. So, they arrange transportation for some of the largest distributors out there. As well as manufacturers and corporations in North America.

2. Freight Tec

Freight Tec, collaborates with one of the best freight brokers out there. Freight Tec is in the business since 1985.

One of their best assets are:

  • Top 100 Broker by Inc. Magazine;
  • S. Military Approved;
  • $100,000 Bond;
  • Errors & Omissions Insurance;
  • Qualified Carriers;
  • Friendly & Professional Agents;
Source: www.freightbrokercreditreports.com
Source: www.freightbrokercreditreports.com

Besides the shipper services, they offer career services as well. If you are interested in any of their carrier services, you will work with one of the best brokers and friendly agents out there; with a competitive Quick Pay.

So, what they actually offer for carrier services is:

  • Friendly Agents;
  • Quick Pay Options;
  • Standard 28 day payment;
  • TIA Performance Certified;
  • “Best Broker” Member of NASTC;
  • Reliable Service;

3. Cargo Link International

Cargo Link International has been providing premium services since 1976. They were offering services to shippers and consignees in the Intermountain West.

Thus, from its headquarters, Cargo Link International is providing its customers with a link to a transportation network throughout the United States and the world.Furthermore, they have a modern building conveniently located near the Salt Lake City International Airport.

Therefore, Cargo Link is positioned to respond to client’s transportation requirements. In addition, they have a well – trained staff and highly computerized operation, which makes the handling of shipments efficient and expeditious.

Source: www.theloadstar.co.uk
Source: www.theloadstar.co.uk

Furthermore, the company operates a Customs Bonded Warehouse. This means it has its own fleet of vehicles, from van trucks to tractor trailer, meeting the needs of its diverse customers.

Additionally, for over 40 years the thing separating Cargo Link from its competitors has been the hands – on approach to their customers. And, this tradition continues even today, when the company experiences growth daily.

4. ALG Worldwide Logistics

ALG Worldwide Logistics began with a vision of success, prosperity, and longevity. The company was founded back in 1982. And ever since that time they have offered great supply – chain and information management to many clients.

Nowadays, they are a leading logistics management company providing a variety of management services and related services. Moreover, they have over 20,000 clients worldwide.

Their main motto is continuity and professionalism, that’s the way they are delivering synchronized supply chain solutions.

Source: www.ycre8.com
Source: www.ycre8.com

Company’s main focus is on delivering a product that exceeds the expectations of their customers. They do this by providing a combination of performance and value. In addition, a positive interactive communication is of a big value for them. Especially, for establishing a successful business relationship and alliance.

Corporate responsibility is something they are continuously working on. Furthermore, ALG Worldwide Logistics has the responsibility towards their employees and the environment.


Hey! I'm George J.Magoci and I will send you a FREE eBook where you can learn 12 secret steps how to make $950 more truck/month.

Free ebook

Therefore, they offer education programs for their employees to environmentally friendly green initiatives. Thus, they strive to maintain a sense of responsibility that reaches beyond their corporate core competencies.

5. Platt and Associates

Before the establishment of the company, they had 19 years of experience, both in middle and upper management in the trucking industry. Platt and Associatesares specializing in Heavy Haul, they had the opportunity to start their own business in 1986.

In addition, by stressing hard work based on knowledge, honesty, and integrity, they are continuing to grow everyday.

Thus, in Platt and Associates they have cultivated a great reputation in the industry. Because of the quality of their professionalism, their service and their team.



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