Ultimate Guide of 10 Best Louisiana Freight Brokers

Livingston International provides international trade consulting and freight forwarding. All this, across North America and around the world.

Source: www.livingstonintl.com

Livingston International’s United States headquarters are located in Chicago. But, they also manage to operate along the United States border with Canada. Moreover, they have regional air/sea hubs in Los Angeles, New York, and Norfolk.


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Furthermore, Livingston has more than 3,200 employees. And, more than 125 key border points, seaports, airports and other strategic locations in North America. As well as Europe and the Far East.


This was our list of the best Louisiana Freight Brokers companies. In case you are considering to work as a freight broker for any of these companies, make sure you research more about them. There are much more good things about these Louisiana freight brokers that we have listed here.

And of course, whichever company you decide to choose we hope it will be the best fit for you. Also, if you want to check on other companies keep in mind that customer satisfaction is the key when it comes to choosing which company is a good one.

Have in Mind that the best freight broker will find the best trucking company for you. All these Louisiana freight companies that we listed are considered to be a high customer satisfaction and a great annual revenue.



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