Ultimate Guide of 10 Best Michigan Freight Brokers


Michigan freight brokers are the topic we will discuss today, since we already spoke about Alabama freight brokers.

Most transporters do not have direct contracts with trucking companies to convey or move goods. So, freight brokers play a very significant and important role in transporting goods.

Michigan freight brokers are providing similar services. Such as international, local, regional and interstate road freight forwarding, fulfillment and supply.

However, Michigan freight brokers same like any other freight brokers, are the intermediary between a shipper who has goods to transport and a carrier who has capacity to move that goods to the final destination.

Freight business includes the conveyance of goods and materials. Thus, the most visible companies in this trade are the trucking and trailer companies.

However, sometimes the freight brokers provides the trailer used for all transportation and for all materials ranging different sizes and weights. The service is to provide truckload shipping of various weight loads including LTL from Michigan across the United States.

Although the process of finding one of the many Michigan freight brokers might seem tedious, they will provide you with an ultimate guide to learning more about it.

The freight broker is more-or-less similar to other type of broker. Therefore their main duty is to bring together a customer and a trader.

In this case, the customer would be the shipper of the goods and the trader is the trucking company. Thus, the duty of the broker is to negotiate terms of the deals and handles paperwork.

What Is Freight Brokerage?

The trucking companies and the shippers do contact when they deal with transportation of their goods. Nevertheless, most of the truck transport in North America is handled by the freight broker companies.

Well, same goes when it comes to Michigan freight brokers, they are the ones that handle the Michigan area and further.

Source: brooketraining.com
Source: www.brooketraining.com

You probably ask yourself, what is a freight brokerage? And, what is a freight broker?

The answer is very simple!

A freight broker is a person that works as a mediator between the shipper and the carrier. Although rumors have it that brokers are evil, that is not the case at all.

So, whenever a shipper needs particular goods to be moved from one location to another, they call a freight broker. The freight broker contacts the transportation company or the carrier and makes a deal regarding the freight.


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Additionally, the Michigan freight brokers, as well as any other brokers, have the full responsibility for matching the transportation carriers with the shippers.

Furthermore, they need to coordinate all the shipping needs of several companies. Therefore, they are very careful when choosing a transportation company. Especially they pay attention to their timely shipment, which would show that the company is indeed reliable.

Importance of Freight Brokerage

You probably wonder, why the shippers do not simply contact the transportation companies instead?

One of the answers is, because of lack of experience, time and dedicated people to do that job. Shippers, as well as the trucking companies, find it difficult to manage themselves.

It is definitely not as easy as you would think. Same like the truck dispatchers, they have a full plate.

Source: entrepreneur.com
Source: www.entrepreneur.com

It takes a lot of experience and time to manage the shippers and transportation companies. Furthermore, you need to exactly know which company fits best the shipment you need to do. As well as to take in consideration, the budget and the time of delivery.

After all, you cannot use a flatbed to transfer goods that require temperature controlled reefers.

Freight brokerage is the most important part of the industry. It is the bases of quality delivery, and Michigan freight brokers know exactly what to do when it comes to that.

Source: tibbettlogistics.com
Source: www.tibbettlogistics.com

In addition, freight brokers have the most responsibilities as well. Some of the responsibilities they have are:

  • Planning and coordinating pickups and delivery schedules;
  • Work with shippers, carriers, and dispatchers to manage the schedules;
  • Track and report shipment status to customers;
  • Resolve freight discrepancies in a timely manner;
  • Identify and contact qualified carriers for freight services;
  • Negotiate contract and pricing agreements with carriers;
  • Maintain a strong relationship with multiple carriers;
  • Ensure that freight paperwork are completed and approved before transportation;
  • Contact current and potential customers for new business opportunities;

10 Best Michigan Freight Brokers List

Surely, there are many Michigan freight brokers out there. But, according to our research, these are very well known on the market. Here is the list of 10 best Michigan freight brokers:


Kenco is the biggest woman-owned company in the industry. As one of the best Michigan freight brokers companies was established as a family business, back in 1950. Generally, they were providing warehouse management services. Ever since Kenco has developed into a third party logistics company.

Therefore, they provide services such as transportation, logistics, real estate services and material handling solutions.

Source: www.kencogroup.com
Source: www.kencogroup.com

At the very beginning, Kenco had only two employees in the warehouse in Chattanooga, Tennessee. It was founded by Jim Kennedy, Jr, and Sam Smartt. The first biggest client was DuPont back in 1967 and they remain their customers to this day.

From that day, Kenco has grown into a company with 30 million square feet of space. Additionally, it has over 90 distribution facilities. Today, Kenco has more than 200 clients with different logistics needs.

2. Trinity Logistics

On one location with only three employees back in 1979, was founded Trinity Logistics. Same like many other Michigan freight brokers businesses, with time the company grew a lot. Today, it’s a company with 90 different agent offices. In addition, it has 5 service center locations across the USA.

Source: www.kencogroup.com
Source: www.kencogroup.com

The company team is consisting of 300 team members. Their key for success is the teamwork, cooperation, and empowerment. Thus, they are happy to have a team that can offer the best freight solutions for the customers.

3. Global Shipping Services Inc.

Global Shipping Services Inc. has established roughly 10 years ago. It provides worldwide logistics solutions. In addition, they provide international air and ocean shipping as well as warehousing services.



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