Ultimate Truth: Trucker Tattoos and Trucking Companies Tattoo Policy

5. International Approaches To Trucker Tattoos In The Workplace

There are many different approaches to trucker tattoos in the workplace. These approaches can vary across the sector, as well as internationally.

It is no surprise that the highest ranked trucking companies have concerns about the impact of their truck driver’s tattoos on the workplace, and it is becoming in common.

Source: www.tattoomed-truck.de
Source: www.tattoomed-truck.de

On an international point of view, we can see that the approaches in regards of tattooed truck drivers differ. There are trucking companies that wish to restrict, and even prohibit visible tattoos in the workplace. And on the other side are the trucking companies that are more flexible about tattoos.

The trucking companies that have already established a dress code are the ones that will enforce you to adhere to the trucking companies tattoo policy. Whereas, if you are lucky enough you will encounter a trucking company that won’t discriminate you on the solely ground of having trucker tattoos.

What these international trucking companies have in common (besides having opposite views on tattoos) is that they all ban visible tattoos with religious motives.

6. Trucking Companies Tattoo Policy: Uniform and Appearance Policy Guidelines

So far you have heard about trucking companies tattoo policy, and I do believe that you have already set an opinion about: What should drivers wear behind the wheel?

Trucking companies tattoo policy were a suggestion of the people who think that what a truck driver is wearing can affect other peoples’ perception of their trucking company. That is why trucking companies have made their own uniforms and appearance policy guidelines.

Source: www.truckinginfo.com
Source: www.truckinginfo.com

Thereupon, I cannot choose the term properly dressed truck driver because it all depends on the duties that the truck driver has to perform. For example, a truck driver won’t be able to load and unload the truck while wearing a suit. At the end, it all depends on the type truck driving job.

So far, the trucking industry hasn’t set standard trucker’s uniform. That is why some trucking companies such as are JB Hunt and Convoy Freight, have issued appearance policy which includes a collared shirt with a logo of the company, altogether with a certain color of pants.

Whereas UPS is one of the trucking companies that have a required standard and strict tattoo policy.

So, all of you truck drivers out there that are reading me, I have two questions for you:

  1. Does the trucking company that you are working for has a dress code or uniforms?
  2. If it does have- Does it make a difference to you?

7. Trucking Companies Tattoo Policy: State Laws, Statutes, Regulations

While I was doing research about the trucking companies tattoo policy, I became curious if there are state laws, statutes, and regulations, that adhere to trucker tattoos on the workplace.

To be sincere, after all the rules and regulations that I have read about trucker tattoos on the workplace, I was expecting to find statute laws that do set regulations about having tattoos covered while on duty.

Source: www.agendaespiritabrasil.com.br
Source: www.agendaespiritabrasil.com.br

But, in fact, there are not yet. Each trucking company is issuing tattoo policies  independently.

On the other hand, I did come across State Laws, Statutes, and Regulations about tattoos. But these regulations stand only for the tattoo artists.


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Let’s take for example the statute that says that tattoo artists shouldn’t tattoo a minor ( a person who is under 18) without the authorization of his parents. Also, tattoo artists should keep their equipment sterilized, sanitized in accordance with the safety standards.

8. Which Trucking Companies In USA Have Strict Tattoo Policy?

Henceforth, you must be asking yourself which trucking companies in the USA have strict no visible tattoo policy. Actually, the trucking companies that are well-established, and that have high ranking among customers are the ones that have strict dress codes and no tattoo policy.

Source: www.tmc-transportation.com
Source: www.tmc-transportation.com

Two of the most popular trucking companies in USA that have strict tattoo policy are:

  1. UPS– Shipping, Freight, Logistics and Supply Chain;
  2. TMC Transportation;

Both companies are offering numerous benefits to their existing and their future truck drivers. But still they are not ready to dismiss the strict no visible tattoo policy. Yet, these are part of the benefits that truck drivers of this trucking companies are enjoying:

  • Medical, vision and dental insurance;
  • Flexible insurance spending;
  • Paid orientation and time off;
  • High salaries;
  • Tuition reimbursement for qualified truck drivers;

9. Are Trucker Tattoos Bringing New Form Of Body Language In The Trucking Industry

After seeing and revealing a lot of facts and figures that affect the unveiling of trucker tattoos, I would still like to share my opinion on this subject with you: Remember that tattoos are a unique form of expression, and not only that, tattoos are very important part of many identities.

Source: www.huffingtonpost.com
Source: www.huffingtonpost.com

Trucker tattoos are a unique form of expression and a very important part of many identities. We can look at trucker tattoos as a new form of body language in the trucking industry. Each tattoo tells a different story. Personality, belief, and stories can be told by this form of artistic inc expression.

Yet, I would like also to add up that Trucking Companies Tattoo Policy are not set by the owners of trucking companies due to being closed-minded. But instead because of their customers that are.

That is why these companies have set policies; there are customers that do not want to transport their loads with a truck driver who has tattoos. Yes, that does happen!


To sum it up, tattoos are a piece of art. They are more commonly rigid on peoples’ body as a symbol of a story. So if someone looks at somebody’s tattoo and he doesn’t know the story behind it, the tattoo would be neglecting in the observer’s eyes.

Yet, the popularity of tattoos is growing in the past decade. Nowadays, there are a lot of truck drivers that have tattoos, but they are not the only ones. In fact, in the USA almost 40 % of the overall population has at least one small tattoo. On the other hand, tattoos to some people have remained to be a taboo. It is all a matter of perception.

If you are a truck driver who has a tattoo, and you are operating on the US highways, please share your experience with us about trucking companies tattoo policy in the comment box.



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