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Vacuum Truck for Beginners – 7 Steps To Make Amazing Money

Another thing that will add up to building strong brand awareness, beside branding your trucks, is providing branded work suits or clothes for your workers. The will be happy they don’t have to mess their own clothes while working, and will help create a better image for your company -as one who cares for its workers.

Vacuum Truck for Beginners

Branded suits will have another purpose beside protecting your workers’ clothes from getting dirty. They will be recognizable and in a way, a walking ad for your business. The more people see your company name, the better. It will help instigate a natural word-of-mouth marketing that might bring you more business.

6. Design Brochures and Fliers and Spread All Over The Town

Having an online presence and branded trucks and suits is excellent, but not enough. Sometimes you need to advertise the old fashioned way.

Design, or have someone design for you fliers and brochures that will list your services and contact information. The prices are not price mandatory. I’d recommend you don’t include them in the flier. On the other hand, you can and probably should add them to the brochure along with service descriptions. Choose nice strong images that represent your business best, make the fliers and brochure impressionable, but easy to read and understand.


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Next step is proper distribution. Find the places and times of day which are most frequented and give out fliers. Ask local shops and stores to leave some with them. And in specialized stores, closely connected to your services offer to leave brochures as well. Ask store management is the personnel can recommend your services to people who might need it.

But, don’t limit your self. You can give out fliers door to door, and leave them in mailboxes. You can also go to companies that might have use of your services and ask to leave out fliers and brochures, even try to get a meeting to present your services.

Of course, never forget to give few fliers and brochures to your happy and returning customers. They might give them so someone they know and get you a new customer.

7. Accelerate Sales By Developing Referral Program

There are a lot of things you can do to increase your truck business. But getting a huge volume of contracts all on your own is not easy. It requires a lot of time, dedication. In order to tap new markets and create new leads you need to be creative and resourceful, and more importantly very convincing.

That is why you will need a referral partner to help you get new clients, and reach people that you couldn’t on your own. A good place to start looking for a good referral partner is among you existing clients. When you have a client that in some way close to the services you offer, a complementary business, or a business that is somewhat connected to yours, offer to form a referral partnership. But be smart about it.

Vacuum Truck for Beginners

Identify businesses that have strong market presence, a large customer base with potential need of your solution. Approach them and offer to mutually help each other and benefit in the long run. There a lot of ways to form referral partnerships. When done right, it can boost your sales big time and help you get more clients, and hopefully, additional client referrals.


Getting and staying ahead of the completion is what it takes to be successful in the development of a successful vacuum truck business. To get and stay on top, it is important to utilize effective strategies and maintain extraordinary services at all times.

Once you establish a strong market presence and large, constantly growing customer base its important to listen carefully in order to identify your business’s and customers needs. Always, no matter how successful you get, stay vigilant of your competitors, connect with the right partners, promote your business using traditional and non-traditional methods and channels, and and never stop improving your performance and positively surprising your customers. After all, they are the driver of your business.



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