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Vehicle GPS Tracker- Risk-Reducing and Fleet Efficient Improvement Techniques

Through fleet management transportation companies are able to minimize all risks that can be closely interconnected with improving fleet efficiency.


The first and foremost concern of all transportation companies is to provide 100% compliance with the FMCSA, ATA, DOT, as well as NTHSA.

The general fleet management services include the following points:

  • Collision management;
  • Repair;
  • Fuel;
  • Maintenance;

All these points that make up the fleet management services should be tracked on a constant basis. Yet, what a better solution to track all these points than with the GPS tracker.

Simply said, the innovative and intelligent fleet management solutions can improve fleet management services, while at the same time providing a safer working environment. As well it will definitely improve fleet efficiency.

Fleet Administration

On the other hand, fleet management services are closely interconnected with the fleet administration.

As previously said, the fleet management solutions- vehicle GPS tracker can improve many days to day activities.


In general day to day activities in the transportation industry require handling a fleet of a vehicle at a corporate level.

So, it means that fleet managers besides running a fleet and drivers, they have to maintain a constant contact and interaction with vendors. Not to forget the establishment of procedures.

Thereupon, the GPS solution can even provide improvements in the fleet administration sector.

7. Fuel Risk-Reducement With Vehicle GPS Tracker

The vehicle GPS tracker can help in fuel risk-reducement too.

In general, transportation companies are faced with fuel misuse on a daily basis. Luckily, the vehicle GPS tracker has changed it all.


Since the vehicle GPS tracker is tracking every move of the vehicle/ truck as and by that to the driver as well, it can indicate where companies can cut fuel use and emissions.

In addition, companies can prevent idling times too. Speaking of which- you can also rely on the Smart Way program that EPA has set- you can even customize it to your needs.

Nevertheless, you can always rely on the vehicle GPS tracker as a risk-reducing and fleet efficient solution.

8. Switch to Predictive Maintenance Strategies

Switching to predictive maintenance strategies is yet one more fleet efficient improvement techniques that can take implementation with the help of the GPS.

Thereupon, which is the aim of the predictive maintenance?

Well, simply said, the aim of the predictive maintenance strategies is to predict when equipment failure might occur. This process can be additionally simplified with the implementation of vehicle GPS tracker.


It is so because the GPS tracker has the feature that can alert you about preventative maintenance schedules for each of your vehicles. Actually, the GPS is the most reliable solution that will help you plan before the failure occurs.

Hence, the vehicle GPS tracker will make a proper assumption according to time, meter as well as in a response to a particular event.

So, these facts lead us to the revelation that predictive maintenance and preventative maintenance are becoming a must for transportation companies. In the end, the better your fleet is working the better the operational processes will be.

9. Use Vehicle GPS Tracker To Prevent Theft

Well, when we speak about risk-reducing techniques- we often refer to theft prevention too.

To start with, you own a fleet of vehicles- which means that all of your vehicles are at constant risk of theft. Which preventative techniques and measures will you take?

As a matter of fact, all businesses that do own a fleet of vehicles have started to rely on the vehicle GPS tracker.

Generally speaking, the vehicle GPS tracker can mitigate the risk of your vehicle getting stolen.

By that, we can see that, although theft is constantly at rising- with the implementation of the vehicle GPS tracker you will significantly reduce the risk of theft.

Now you must be asking how is that even possible that a “small technological gadget” can provide such security?


Correspondingly, the vehicle GPS tracker is featuring risk-reducing and fleet efficiency improvement with the actual quick notification and alerts that it is sending to its users.

For example, if your vehicle gets stolen- you will instantly get an alert to your mobile phone. The GPS tracker, whenever there is an unusual activity going on with your vehicles, is straight away sending alerts via SMS.

In addition to that, the vehicle GPS tracker is featuring the geofencing function.


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This function, later on, can be used as a virtual perimeter for each vehicle in your fleet.

Simply said, every time that your vehicle leaves that geo fencing zone you will be notified.

Tip: Keep your fleet of vehicles safe with the vehicle GPS tracker, and do not forget to train your drivers to safe behaviors.

10. Create Safety Incentive Programs

Once your fleet drivers have completed driver safety courses and are regularly engaged with safety tips, then what you should do is to keep them motivated and to reward them for their good performance.

Of course though safety incentive programs.

There are many ways to motivate your employees. Including payment plans as well as safety bonuses, perks such as additional vacation time, and updated in-cab equipment.


These typed of programs can effectively motivate your fleer drivers to not only become and stay safe drivers, but they can also entice them to remain in your company.

Additionally, this will increase your employee retention. Also, it will make for a more efficient, motivated and safe work.


To enumerate, the risk-reducing and fleet efficient improvement techniques that I have included in this article can all be achieved only with the help of a vehicle GPS tracker. By these facts and figures presented in the article, we must acknowledge the importance of the newly developed technological advancements in the field of vehicle tracking.

If you have already applied some of these risk-reducing and fleet efficient improvement techniques, please share your experience with us in the comment box.



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