What Employees Need To Know About DOT Drug Testing

What is Drug and Alcohol Testing Consortium?

Basically, Consortium also known as Third-Party Administrators are the people that are responsible for all or part of the employers DOT drug testing program. Sometimes, they are the one responsible for maintaining the testing records.

Source: www.nationaldrugscreening.com

Source: www.nationaldrugscreening.com

They are contracted by the employers or the companies to assist in implementing the testing program and to ensure that their staff is compliant with the DOT drug testing as well as alcohol testing regulations and requirements from DOT/FMCSA.

DOT Drug Testing Regulations

Like all governmental organizations the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), has very specific and in-depth requirements than businesses must adhere to.

A lot of this has been covered or will be, so I won’t repeat everything. The point of this is for you to know that the FMCSA has very strict guidelines and even stricter punishments for failure to comply!

Source: www.efschilling.com

Source: www.efschilling.com

These are not just for the driver nor are they just for the company, they apply to both. Failure to comply can result in excessive penalties and fines, loss of vehicles license, and perhaps even loss of other operating permits.

Source: www.images.slideplayer.com

Source: www.images.slideplayer.com

Plus on the top of all, you will lose revenue from those no longer wishing to conduct business with you.

Also there could be increases in truck insurance and cargo insurance premiums, lawsuits, court costs, damage payments, and more. It is much simpler to just comply with the law!

What about Medications & Over-the-Counter (OTC) Drugs?

If you are legally taking something and you have prescription for, bring it in together with the note from the doctor or other prescribing authority.

Source: www.canadiandrugsolutions.com

Source: www.canadiandrugsolutions.com

If you are taking some medications from over the counter, you should be ok, but notify them before the DOT drug testing. Tell what you’re taking, how much, how often, and when the last dose was.

When you could be DOT Drug Tested?

The DOT drug testing can happen in any time! Well there are several things to consider. What are the applicable laws on your employment contract? Which contractual agreements have been made with potential clients? But here are the most common times for DOT drug testing:

  • Pre-employment – Right before you are actually hired. Sometimes this will be shortly before you report to work, other times this can be during your on-boarding.
  • Return-to-duty – Perhaps you were out for a medical reason, after a safety violation, some places might even do it after vacation.
  • Post-Accident – If you are involved in an accident, on company time and/or it involves company vehicles or other equipment.
Source: Youtube

Source: Youtube

  • Reasonable Suspicion – You have been observed behaving in a manner that could be viewed as inappropriate, unsafe, and/or unusual.
  • Follow-up – Perhaps you have DOT drug testing that resulted in an inconclusive reading, or you were found positive but were given the option to receive treatment.
  • Random – Purely by chance, the company decides to test say 10% and your name is drawn out of the hat.

Medical Review Officers (MRO)

An MRO is a professionally licensed physician with the responsibility of handling, reviewing, and interpreting DOT drug testing laboratory results for the company’s drug testing program.

Source: www.acmlab.com

Source: www.acmlab.com

The American Association of Medical Review Officers (AAMRO), has a database of over 8000 professionally certified MROs, if you are in need for one.

What is an SAP?

An SAP its also known as Substance Abuse Professional . This is the person assigned to handles cases within a company where an employee violates their DOT drug testing.

Source: www.foleyservices.com

Source: www.foleyservices.com

The Association for Addition Professionals (NAADAC) has put together a great directory help you find a SAP in your area.

Are the Results from the DOT drug Testing Confidential?

Hmm… This is a toss-up question! I guess the right answer will be Yes and No. Why do I say that?

Source: www.calpeculiarities.com

Source: www.calpeculiarities.com

Well, this is because the results from your DOT drug testing are not to be shared.

They shouldn’t be displayed, advertised, or any other means of publicly presenting them. At the same time if you take and fail a drug test, everyone involved with know.

Source: www.usamdt.com

Source: www.usamdt.com

This is like taking an air brake test and failing! Its more embarrassing the fact that everybody will know that you fail, than that you will need to re-take the test!


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Furthermore, on the top of that, your employment record will reflect this as a reason for your termination.


As you can see the DOT drug testing is no joke! Sure you might think they are fun to kid about but the reality is far too serious. Drugs and alcohol use is no laughing matter. There is a lot at stake when you pull out the party favors and loosen up.  There is a lot you could lose!

We aren’t talking about just your local CDL job and reputation! But so much more, you could endanger you friends, family, coworkers, and even complete strangers just sharing the road. It could cost you your job, your business, or even your life!

You must take the DOT drug test serious. But, looking on the bright side, this is one test that it is good to get a negative score on! As a matter of fact this is great for people who hate studying; all you have to do is not do anything!

So show up, do what comes natural in cup (try not to make a mess). These are the easiest test you’ll ever take. Filling out the forms in the waiting area takes longer.

Have you ever taken drug test before? Was it the DOT drug testing? Did you have to wait and wait or was it the kind with instant results? Share some of your experiences with DOT drug testing. We will like to hear from you!



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