Why Delivery Companies are Using GPS Tracking?

There are also devices which simultaneously group and manage multiple vehicles by using interface.

Anytime and Anywhere Access

Considering the changing trends in transportation and technology, delivery companies are investing even more in the fleet tracking systems which thanks to the internet, is accessible in web and mobile versions.

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This is mostly useful when the GPS tracking devices are used by companies or customers to track their cargo transported by trucks.

The easy anytime, anywhere access to user-friendly app keeps you abreast with your vehicle’s movement in real time no matter where you are.

Historical Reports and Dashboard summary

For a larger number of delivery companies where a medium and large fleet is involved, a high ROI is needed to provide location and event reports.

In this way, the fleet managers can ease their job by tracking and analyzing vehicle information up to the past 90 days. Thus, they make decisions that impact their business and result in a higher productivity.

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Furthermore, delivery companies benefit from the trailer GPS tracking solution by getting a set of graphical reports on the dashboard which is part of the vehicle tracking.

In this way, they get a complete view of the metrics affecting your business performance.

As shown above, you get reports for every information regarding the fleet:

  • Distance traveled
  • Overspeeding
  • Idling time
  • Stops
  • Utilization

You can see these reports for various groups of trucks and for different time intervals.

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The integration provides a comprehensible access to the following data:

  • Raw GPS data including latitude, longitude, speed, heading, and address
  • All truck activity including Status data
  • Arrival and departure from predefined points
  • Start/stop and length of stop
  • Key on/off
  • Idling and standstill with length of event
  • Remote, auto upload/delete of points of interest
  • Embedded map rendering services

Fleet Replay

Delivery companies can nowadays replay their entire fleet history by simply clicking on a button.

Everything that happens on a particular route, the fleet managers and owners of delivery companies will be able to see, track and replay the history.

Why is this important?

Well, for instance, if there comes to a significant problem or an evidence for a particular driver’s behavior, the fleet managers can replay the history of the driver’s behavior and have evidence of it at any time.

Source: www.truckingnewsonline.com

As an owner of a delivery company, you will be able to see any detail regarding the status of the fleet at any point of the route.

For instance, you will be able to spot the following:

  • Location
  • speed
  • direction
  • aggressive driving events

Easy Installation

When looking for a GPS tracking device according to your needs, the easy installation and maintenance is quite an important consideration.

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You need to look for a device that can be easily installed. Consequently, delivery business use devices which support OBD connectors. They use these because they are better for plug and play solution.

The compatibility with different vehicle models is also a factor to consider here.

Interactive Maps and Breadcrumb Trails

Every fleet delivery tracking system should provide a software that has an interactive map.

Why are interactive maps so important?

For strong reasons, with the interactive mapping, you will be able to see the vehicle’s location, as well as their moving, stopping or idling situation.

Source: sf.curbed.com

Therefore, looking for an easy to navigate map will provide you with a menu and give you more details than any other fleet delivery tracking tool.

To put it in a different, way, it is one of the reasons delivery companies are using the GPS tracking devices.

Continually, there is the breadcrumb trail which gives you a specifically detailed history of the vehicle’s activities.

Source: maps.ucla.edu

With the help of this feature, you will see the following:

  • The locations your vehicle traveled to
  • When the vehicle stopped
  • For how long the vehicle stopped
  • How long the vehicle idled
  • Braking and accelerating status


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However, you need to know that not every tracking device has the breadcrumb trail option, more importantly, they are in every manufacturer company different.

If you are searching the above-mentioned services, look for those devices that have these, as they are the most helpful for delivery companies.

GPS Tracking Services: Hardware & Software

GPS fleet tracking services include two main parts: the hardware and the software. Both of them are crucial for the service of delivery companies in order to work properly.

GPS Hardware

A GPS hardware has the size of a deck of cards. Delivery companies usually wire it into the vehicle or under dashboards.

However, you need to know that some of the GPS devices require professional installation which may result in extra costs.

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In particular, the hardware reads the vehicle’s information and sends it to the GPS delivery software.

If you are still wondering why delivery companies are using GPS tracking devices then you should think about the benefits of its technology use.

GPS Software

With the help of the software, delivery companies create geofences, inspect the breadcrumb trails and play with the interactive mapping.

In particular, the fleet management software lets you do the following:

  • create and read reports
  • track vehicles on a map
  • view problems with your employees’ driving behavior
  • see the entire history of your fleet movements
Source: www.google.com

If you wonder why delivery companies are using GPS tracking, it is simple.Some of them are using the comprehensive software that allows you to use the best GPS fleet tracking services.

On the other hand, there are others considered as the simplest to use, with an easy-to-understand user interface.

In the end, there are those GPS devices which have the most useful dashboard for delivery companies, which appears on your screen once you log in to your software.

As an additional feature, you could get customizable dashboard is customizable and easy to get information quickly.

Driver Coaching

With the help of a GPS device, you can automatically notify drivers of a potential policy breach in driving with the help of in-vehicle alerts. Thus, you help them to improve their driving behavior.



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