Worst 10 Truck Driver Stresses Caused By Trucking Through The Holidays!

This is definitely an additional truck driver stresses trigger.

5.  Shippers and Receivers

The main reason truckers face truck driver stresses is that they are treated poorly by their employers.

I would also mention here the Department of Labor (DOL), shippers and receivers, and the general public.

Notably, this is a very common reason for the delay of truck drivers’ shipments as there are a lot of different holidays across different countries around the world.

Truck Driver Stresses shippers and receivers

Source: www.amc-cargo.com

To continue with, the global shipments are normally affected by the national holidays whether it is at the origin port or at the destination port.

However, the truck driver stresses are present before, during and after the holidays.

After holidays are finished, the ports get very busy. Consequently, this creates congestion and affects several things including the following: the release or the delivery of containers.

Furthermore, the shipper might end up paying an inevitable demurrage, or a delay in the deliveries.

Truck Driver Stresses shipments

Source: www.quickserveemployment.com

On the other hand, there are other issues which cause truck driver stresses. For example:

  • Lost Containers
  • Missing Documents
  • Custom Exams

All of the above-mentioned are triggers to stress for truck drivers.

When dealing with shippers, truckers are secretly hoping they will complete the route on time but sometimes they make it impossible for truckers.

6.  Relationship Issues

One of the greatest lessons that you will ever learn as a trucker is a difficulty in maintaining a healthy relationship.

To be honest, maintaining a long-distance relationship is one of the most difficult tasks that you will get as a human.

The truck drivers know this best.

Truck Driver Stresses relationships

Source: www.wrike.com

On the subject of this, there are simply too many obligations for the truck drivers to be able to leave their job when they want.

Starting from the tight deadlines, the possible breakdowns of trucks, as well as hours of service, the type of the job, plays a greater role.

Having said this, an OTR (over the road) truck driver is unable to maintain a strong relationship.

Truck Driver Stresses relationship issues

Source: www.markwarrenassociates.com

Unless he has a relationship built on trust.

Either way, every long-haul trucker is having a hard time to build a strong relationship.

Due to the gentle side of women, they start to become fragile once they face this issue.

The long-haulers on the other hand, face insane truck driver stresses.

In addition to this, some are related to their difficult occupation while the rest are based upon the relationship problems.

7.  Unhappiness

The stress, as well as anxiety, are the most common among the truck drivers.

In particular, the over the road trucking is a stressful profession and there are strong reasons for that.

The OTR driving takes a toll mostly on a family because truckers are away from home most of the time.

Continually, they are facing unexpected situations every day.

Truck Driver Stresses unhappiness

Source: www.sciencedaily.com

To emphasize, they are constantly battling with traffic as well as weather impacts on safety in several states.

Sometimes they go through the states on the same day. They are pressured to make pick-up and delivery appointments.

On top of that, they might face directions difficulty.

Truck drivers usually encounter accidents and possible detours. Moreover, they have safety concerns about being in a possible accident on a daily basis.

Truck Driver Stresses loneliness

Source: www.businessnewsdaily.com

Continually, they must sleep on the open roads in the back of the truck. Usually, truckers fail to get enough sleep.

In addition, they are limited to buying and indulging in expensive food at the truck stop restaurants.


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These situations are more than a trucker has to face on a daily basis.

The above-mentioned reason is strong enough to prove why they suffer from common truck driver stresses.

8.  Money Issues

As you would probably expect, issues with money, including the rates and getting enough miles, are the top reasons they face truck driver stresses.

The complaints about lack of miles have outlived a massive rise in the past year together with the degrowth of economy and freight.

Notably, it is crucial to offer competitive rates in tight industries.

Truck Driver Stresses money issues

Source: www.blogs.iadb.org

Furthermore, the companies need to remain competitive in order to attract labor from other available markets and actually attract people into this particular profession.

The thing is, truck drivers receive only one day off in a week, even when they work for long hours.

Most people think that truck drivers are well-situated but taking the amount of risk into consideration, the driver’s pay is not that high.

In addition, truck drivers have 12% chance of dying. In particular, it is one of the most dangerous among the different jobs as well as related deaths in the United States.

Truck Driver Stresses are caused by money issues

Source: www.pinterest.com

Continually, there are other ways to address the compensation problem other than with per-mile rate.

For example, there are companies which have been testing a technology-related solution.

The system makes recommendations to owner-operators on how to optimize their income based on the hours of service and the historical information on several loads.

9. Family Issues

Who would not want to spend time with their families?

Many of the truck drivers do, of course.

However, their occupation is slightly ever allowing them the time to do so.

The unpredictable home time is actually the main reason they face with truck driver stresses.

Truck Driver Stresses and family issues

Source: www.truckdrivingjobs.com

There is a strategic program which found that some of the drivers complained infrequent home time.

Once they face this, occasionally, they are facing imbalance. In order to survive their truck driver stresses, they need a balance between highways and home.

On the other hand, others are focused on the unpredictability of home time.

Continually, some are complaining about when they get home, they do not get to stay for long.

That is the problem behind the unusual programs at the trucking companies.

Further, a group of three drivers finds themselves assigned to two trucks.



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