How To Write Perfect Truck Driver Resume

Effective Way How To Write Perfect Truck Driver Resume

Here is a better example of how the candidate is able to express their benefit:

  • “10+ years of professional commercial driving experience operating both straight trucks and tractor trailers (to include box truck, flatbed truck, and reefers). Proudly maintaining an accident free driving record.”

See in the second example the manager right away knows his/her driving experience and safety record. This truck driver resume would get the attention of the hiring manager for sure.


Truck Driver Resume Experience (Be Specific)

Now that you have a clear summary, you need to get the most out of the experience section of your truck driver resume. Here you need to provide details regarding your past experience. You can list the types of vehicles, endorsements, and years of experience.


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Additionally, make sure you include any extra related experience you might have. Did you worked as a truck dispatcher, have trained new drivers, or were the safety coordinator for the fleet? If you trained personnel, state that in your truck driver resume. Example will be: – (Trained 10 new staff members on the proper operation of a tow truck (or other equipment).


Truck Driver Resume Additional Skills

There is more to driving a truck than just sitting behind the wheel, and your truck driver resume should reflect that. After all, you have a wide range of other relevant driver skills, such as:

  • Customer service: dealing with the clients in a professional manner.
  • Technical: Understanding basic truck maintenance and how to operate the equipment properly.
  • Physical: Besides passing the DOT physical, you maintain a fitness level that allows you to perform all the requirements of the job.
  • Math: basic skills understanding fractions and decimals, dividing/multiplying, and adding/subtracting, an understanding of the metric system helps as well.
  • Time management: being organized and meeting deadlines.

You don’t have to list these exact skills, but it is recommended and looks better for the body of your truck driver resume to reflect these skills.


Additional Resources For Writing A Truck Driver Resume

Many people suggest using a standard format when writing your truck driver resume. These can be found with an easy search of the internet. There are services that will charge for writing your truck driver resume as well. Another great resource is the colleges, such as the University Of Michigan Career Center.

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Don’t get too hung up on the exact format that you write your truck driver resume in. The important thing is that it’s professional looking, has no spelling or punctuation errors, and is complete. If you have periods on no employment, you can list that just state why.

Remember the standard HR professional is flooded with resumes and doesn’t have long to review your truck driver resume. It is estimated that they will spend about 6 seconds glancing it over. If nothing grabs their attention in the beginning they will move on to the next one. Though you need to include all the pertinent information you need to keep your truck driver resume short and concise as well. This means two pages, no more than three.

Another key point is the cover letter. You should always include a good cover letter, along with your truck driver resume, properly addressed to the HR manager (if known). It should be in conversational form, three or four paragraphs, all on one page. It should say just enough to get the hiring manager interested to look further.

When was the last time you wrote a truck driver resume? Did you get help or you do it yourself? What are some tips you would like to include? Share your comments about writing a truck driver resume.



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