Connected Vehicle Application Platform.

10+ Applications platform enabling vehicle OEMs to utilize & monetize connected vehicle data in less than 90 days at fraction of the cost.

Configurable connected vehicle application platform
that meets your needs


IoT Connected Vehicle Devices

Fueloyal delivers enterprise and OEM grade of the most advanced hardware, IoT solutions that enable real-time data collection and edge computing.

Turn your vehicle into an IoT hub with the connected vehicle device and collect thousands of real-time data points from multiple sources. No matter if the data comes from the ECU or the chassis our devices can collect gigabytes of data and turn it into ROI proven functionality.
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Custom OEM Platform
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OEM Connected Vehicle Solution

Fueloyal helps OEM’s launch their branded Connectivity & Telematics platforms in months vs. years.

Deploy an enterprise grade platform to collect billions of data sets from the vehicles you manufacture and use this data for the R&D purposes as well as to launch new products for your end users and dealers.
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Live Vehicle & Asset Tracking

Track and monitor real-time vehicles and assets locations from any place in the world and gain visibility into your field operations.

Get data about your vehicle, asset and equipment usage to make better business decisions and bring visibility into the utilization process. Learn how your company equipment is handled and detect poor usage behaviours to reduce vehicle downtime and maintenance cost.
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Use Fueloyal Fuel Navigator to Get Additional 20¢/gallon savings & gain visibility into the fueling process

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Fuel Management Beyond Fuel Card

Negotiating a great discount with your Fleet Fuel Card provider is not enough. Fueloyal Fuel Navigator uses daily, detailed wholesale and retail pricing feeds to determine a fueling plan for your trucks that yields the lowest overall trip expense.

Even different truck stops and gas stations in the same chain vary significantly in pricing along any given route and any given day. It’s impossible to realize maximum fuel purchase savings unless you buy at the lowest price chain locations on your route each day.

Dual-facing Camera Telematics

The Dual-facing AI Cameras for Fleets can feed real-time, detailed driver and vehicle telematics data to the cloud while AI capabilities such as Lane Departure Warning and Collision Prevention provide proven ROI.

With its dual 1080p front dash and interior-facing cameras, the Fueloyal Mobile360 D700 AI Dash Cam simultaneously captures and processes vibrant HD video footage of the driver and occupants of the car as well as the prevailing road conditions ahead of it.
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Predictive Maintenance

Increase efficiency and reduce costs by making operations predictable. Build the foundations to maintain the vehicles on the road without unplanned downtime. Predictive maintenance is data-driven and relies on analytics insights for maintenance and repairs, ahead of disruptions in production.

By fusing automotive engineering with scientific research, we are leveraging machine learning to automate anomaly and fault detection. Preventing vehicle failure by analyzing production data to identify patterns and predict issues before they happen.

Safety & Driving Behaviour

Increase fleet safety by monitoring and planning every aspect of your fleet activity and performance. Automatically track and monitor where and when your drivers are breaking the safety protocols by receiving real-time alerts or notifications in case of forbidden vehicle or equipment usage.

Get detailed reports about key events such as speeding, unauthorized vehicle activity and ensure safe day-to-day operations. Get data around driving habits to take proactive actions and fix poor driving habits.
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Ride Hailing
Car Sharing
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Smart Mobility Services for OEMs

Seize all the opportunities from the emerging "passenger economy". Meet your customers’ rising demands and expectations shaped by the car sharing, and ride hailing services pioneered by new entrants. Offer new services that are even better.

Use new and innovative business models to ensure the profitability of these new services from the very beginning. Launch a custom business model that strikes the right balance between hardware, software, and ecosystem and integrate your core "build-and-sell" business with this new offering.

Powering Thousands Of Fleets Around The World

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