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Smart Fuel Cap

Smart Fuel Cap

Company Fuel Card is Used Only For Your Trucks

Smart Fuel Cap will make sure that purchased diesel really entered the fuel tank and this way it will prevent misuse of the fueling process. System will measure the amount of added fuel and it will match those results with fuel card bill. Completely stand alone and self powered device doesn't require any fuel tank modification or connection to the truck cabin. Reduces Diesel bills up to $1740 per truck/month.

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How It Works?

Leave your truck on a truck stop and don't worry about fuel theft

Simply install the smart fuel cap instead of the existing. Secured Lock will prevent unauthorized removal and sensor will alarm the company if that happens. In addition it will make sure that once the diesel got in due to triple anti siphoning protection it will prevent going out. Durable steel housing makes it impossible to disable or remove from the truck.

30 Seconds Away From Savings!

Do It Yourself 30 Seconds Installation

There is no need to call expensive installation team to your company. No need to create extensive downtime of your trucks. Install smart fuel cap in just 30 seconds on your own, secure it with key so that no one can remove it and you are ready to start saving money. If you sell your truck and want to change the cap - simply take it of and put it on a new truck. It will just take you 30 seconds because our smart fuel cap one design fits on all trucks.

Order Now and Start Saving Today

Install it in just 30 seconds and reduce your diesel bills up to $950 per truck/month.

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