Fueloyal Marketplace
Helps Vehicle OEMs Increase Revenue Per Vehicle

Launch quickly and easily new revenue generating products without the need for IT in less than 90 days.
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Increase Revenue Per Vehicle

EV & Mobility changes we are facing are radically reducing the revenue coming from scheduled maintenance and are forcing us to think about what are the next avenues we can take in order to keep the company growing and avoid revenue decline.

Fueloyal helps vehicle OEMs to enter the area of Services & Mobility (MaaS) and open new revenue streams by integrating our Marketplace software module into their infotainment, web app & mobile app .

Generate New Revenue
Without Huge Upfront Cost

Integrating a marketplace doesn't require a huge upfront cost as it requires a minimum of tech support and development. It is fully integrated to provide a unique UX & UI tailor made for every vehicle OEM with your name and logo on it.

Once integrated you get to make money on all the parts of the vehicle ecosystem you were missing in the last decades. Insurance, Maintenance, Car Wash, Fuel and many others. You get a cut of every purchase vehicle owner made after you sold the vehicle - isn’t that cool?

Get New Revenue Generating Product
Launched in less than 90 days

Grab the new revenue generating opportunity quickly. In less than 90 days we can have your Vehicle OEM Marketplace ready and live for you to start making money. No slow and difficult tech integration. No expensive modifications needed.

Every marketplace module is incorporated into existing OEM connected vehicle platforms for maximum efficiency to provide tailor made UX & UI for every single vehicle owner. Think about this as a customized marketplace that knows the needs of the owner before she/he does.