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Mobile Apps Car Owners Will Love

Vehicle OEMs are facing the challenges that were never seen before. Software is eating the world and mobility & service era is already here. Being a great vehicle OEM doesn't necessarily mean you are a great software company capable of delivering a great Mobile App.

Your vehicle owners are no longer comparing your Mobile App experience with your competitors - they’re comparing it to tech titans such as YouTube, Instagram, Shopify and Google. We at Fueloyal help you deliver this level of Mobile App experience.
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Increase App Active Users Number

The journey of creating a great app that will drive high engagement numbers starts with the question what we as Vehicle OEM can do to provide the best user experience matched with the great features users want. Focusing on substance instead on the form is what users want.

Special UX & UI process we created for Vehicle OEMs allows us to deliver the high monthly active user base. Creating a unique user experience every time a vehicle owner opens the app will position your company shoulder to shoulder with tech titans coming from Silicon Valley.
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Launch Revenue Generating Features

Be prepared for the Mobility & Service era and launch revenue generating features now to avoid revenue decline and user base shift to your competitors. By using vehicle data Fueloyal enables OEMs to launch new revenue streams in less than 90 days.

Increase sales & after sales results by using your owner base and increase financial results with proven ROI. Our revenue generating modul is very easy and fast to deploy at a fraction of the cost. If you’re not monetizing the full potential your competitors will.