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Providing Tesla level of UX & UI
for all the new Electric Vehicles.

Enabling OEMs to deploy best digital experience
for their EV owners on infotainment, mobile & web.

EV Connected Services

With more than 250 million connected vehicles we help vehicles exchange data with the cloud and deploy new services in the area of mobility and sales. Fueloyal delivers connected services for all vehicles OEMs coming from all different industries with a strong focus on UX quality.

Providing more tailor made experience where each vehicle adapts to the owner is our mission. We feel the vehicle is the extension of our mobile phone and it should simplify our daily routine in the area of unlocking, infotainment, mobile & web apps while providing more safety and fun.
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More Comfort & Fun in Connected Vehicle

Fueloyal platform helps OEMs build vehicles that are learning our habits and adjusting its features to serve us best and maximize our comfort and fun while using it. Vehicles that help us park, use navigation, remotely access, drive safer and bring more gamification features.

Mobile and over the air updates enable OEMs to provide new vehicle updates and experience to their owners multiple times during the vehicle lifespan to ensure the increased ownership satisfaction.
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EV Services

Make ownership of the electric vehicles (EV) you manufacture easier than ever. Fueloyal makes it simple and easy for EV service providers to access the automotive data needed to deliver services that improve EV driver’s experience when charging their vehicles.

EV charging recommendations and proactive driving alerts enable your drivers to avoid range anxiety and make better, proactive, and data-driven recharging choices. Provide EV drivers with the tools needed for planning long-distance trips in their vehicles, while taking into account all of their EV charging needs along the way.
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