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Real-time Vehicle & Asset
Location Tracking

Complete fleet visibility and data about field operations from anywhere in the world



Create your own custom Geo-Fence zones.
Track fleet activity with custom geofence alerts and get notified when vehicles arrive and leave (SMS and email) a specific location.

Decide which person will be alerted for each vehicle and create compliance practices in your company. Zoom in on the time spent at each location to better optimize route time.
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Location Sharing

Improve your company service by sharing the real-time vehicle location with your customers and enable full visibility of your field operations.

Send your customers a temporary link (SMS and email) with a custom link duration so that they can be prepared for your company’s field team visit.

Let parents, customers, and outside stakeholders track route progress and receive alerts automatically. Authorized users can anticipate arrivals or delays, which improves customer service, reduces calls, and thus become a differentiator for your business.
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Plug & Play or Hardwired Devices

Choose from more than 10 different types of IoT devices

OBD or CAN Plug & Play Device can device
Hardwired and Plug & Play Device hardwire device
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Trailer & Asset Tracking

Connected Trailer & Asset Platform Delivering Measurable ROI.

Eliminate yard hunts, optimize dispatch operations, reduce detention time, and simplify inventory management. Identify underutilized trailers and grow your business without making new investments.

Create real-time alerts with wireless sensors to detect and monitor unauthorized use and temperature. Improve trailer-to-tractor ratio and grow revenue by redeploying underutilized trailers to areas with higher demand.
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Increase operational efficiency with complete visibility into fleet performance and driver behavior. Collect, analyze, and share data for your entire fleet. With sorting, search, and high-speed loading, quickly navigate our fleet reporting to identify actionable insights.

With Time on Site Reports and geofence alerts, you’ll get greater visibility into driver behavior and efficiency. Get notified when drivers or assets arrive at a given location with geofence alerts and see how much time they spend on-site with the Time on Site report.