Helping OEMs Deploy & Enhance MaaS Platform and Increase Revenue.

MaaS offers great monetization opportunities for OEMs.
We can help you exploit those opportunities.
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Car & Ride Sharing Platform

Fueloyal offers an all-in-one solution for car sharing, enabling OEMs and companies to go through the go-to-market much faster at a reduced cost rate. Deploy a state-of-the-art car sharing platform and start monetizing under your brand and design.

Get the whole package, including the native mobile apps (both iOS & Android), and the web app for fleet and user management, including the payment processing solution, each customized exclusively for your company.
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Shared Vehicle Owning

The new car ownership trends show a big decline in the countries in the northern hemisphere among the targeted groups. Owning a car will be very different in the upcoming decades and by understanding trends, Fueloyal helps OEMs deploy new services.

Fueloyal helps OEMs boost after-sales revenue per vehicle and gets more business without cannibalizing the existing sales channels. An easy to deploy platform which allows us to bring new prospects that previously never interacted with the brand.
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Free-floating Car Sharing

Create an opportunity for people to book a car at any point and any time within their local area without the need to visit a car hire station. Unlock new revenue streams and business models quickly, and test these opportunities in an easy to deploy way.

Fueloyal can assist you and deploy a turnkey platform for you or we can be of help in just one area of mobility at your company. Choose the model that suits you best and test the ideas on the market faster than your competitors.

Remote Vehicle Access & Entry

The remote cloud key functionality developed by Fueloyal helps OEMs and companies operating in the mobility space to come up with seamless user experience without the need for physical contact. Accessing the vehicle, driving it and then leaving it is provided in a smooth way, without any problems.

Fueloyal provides the complete solution that can be additionally customized for each client. We deliver hardware, backend and native apps for maximum ROI and user satisfaction. If you already have a mobile app, you can seamlessly integrate the access functionality into your existing mobile app via Fueloyal SDK.
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User Management & Payment Processing

The Fueloyal platform can provide an entire user management system, including inventory and customer management. An authentication data is stored on a single OEM cloud for maximum security and to avoid double data storing.

Payment & Billing processing allows companies to quickly turn the MaaS Platform into a new revenue stream and profit center from day one. Start making money immediately and charge your customers with an advanced Fueloyal billing center.
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