Automotive Grade IoT Modules Used by 18 out of the Top 20 World OEMs

Helping OEMs & Corporations to deploy customized IoT modules for the purpose of real-time data sending and receiving.

Full Customization Potential

Fueloyal helps OEMs deploy tailor-made OEM grade IoT Modules, customized and configured to maximize the OEM vehicle and equipment data collection and receiving.

Linux-based, high-end IoT devices with custom-made and embedded software to capture all possible data regardless of the source (engine, ECU, hydraulics, battery, transmission, chassis). Installed on an OEM production line or retrofitted on already manufactured vehicles.
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2 - Way Vehicle & Equipment Data Flow

Sending and receiving data in real-time is what makes our IoT Modules so unique. Collect thousands of data points in real-time and turn your vehicles and company into a data-driven organization with measurable ROI.

Apart from collecting data, Fueloyal IoT modules can send the data to the vehicle and enable vehicle OTA updates for an outstanding user experience. Update your vehicle functionality remotely and become a leading OEM in the automotive world.
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Multiple Connectivity Options

Different field operations require different connectivity solutions capable of ensuring that data transmission goes ahead uninterrupted. Fueloyal IoT modules are equipped with LTE, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology for a maximum field performance in any part of the world.

Global devices covering all cellular frequencies with only one SKU number ensure that a simplistic approach to inventory management is being met.
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Cloud & Software Infrastructure

In addition to fully customized IoT modules for each OEM, Fueloyal can also provide a full connected vehicle turnkey platform consisting of cloud infrastructure and web & mobile native apps.

All software solutions can be whitelabeled for each OEM with their logo and name at the front where we at Fueloyal are silent tech partners.

Durable & Fully Certified

Our telematics modules are rugged and sealed to IP67, allowing for mounting in the cab or outside your vehicle. The global, rugged and programmable Fueloyal IoT modules can solve your telematics problems even in the toughest environment.

Rugged IP67 enclosure and J1455 compliance for harsh environments let simple and rapid development of telematics machine-to-machine (M2M), Internet of Things (IoT), and data logging applications.