Fuel Management

Monitor and Manage your fleet in real-time with just one click


Real Time Fuel Price Updates

Get real-time and automatic fuel price variation alerts and notifications
  • Fuel price report for every truck stop on the route
  • Receive up-to-date fuel price changes
  • Compare fuel prices with Fuel price locator across US
Fuel Routing Optimization

Fuel Routing Optimization

Upgrade your company vehicles fueling process over the usual usage of fuel-cards
  • Guide truck drivers to the cheapest truck stop on the route
  • Find the closest truck stop filtered by retail chain
  • Fuel optimization according to your IFTA tax rates
  • Automatically calculate cost-per-mile and miles-per-gallon
Inform Driver to Buy Cheapest Fuel

Inform Driver to Buy Cheapest Fuel

With the Fueloyal fleet management system saving money is inevitable
  • Locate the cheapest truck stop on the route
  • Sent SMS to the drivers with a link to the location
  • Plan the fueling process for every vehicle
  • Cut fuel cost, save money and increase profit
IFTA Tax Rates Calculated

IFTA Tax Rates Calculated

IFTA combined with GPS will deliver fully finished IFTA report at the end of the quarter
  • Get a precise overview of your fleet activity and current tax liability
  • New Tax rates automatically uploaded every quarter
  • Create and access your IFTA Tax reports from any place
  • Opportunity to modify your reports and fine tune it before submitting

Detailed Fuel Report Along the Route

Most advanced Fuel Purchase set of features that will Save $300 per vehicle/Month
Fuel Report Along Route
  • Full list of all truck stops along the route
  • Identify fuel differences
  • Complete truck stop amenities and fuel chain data
  • Import CSV of fuel entries for the entire fleet
  • Web-based user dashboard to access data from anywhere

Fuel Discounts Customization

Use analytics and advanced reporting to strategically cut cost
  • Reduce fuel consumption with extensive metrics and reports
  • Get cents-per-litre savings
  • Easily find and plan cost-effective routes

Truck Stop Amenities

Get on top of the amenities and perks that come with each truck stop separately
  • Every truck stop amenity status
  • Parking spot capacity information
  • Overnight parking, private showers, weight scales filters
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