10 Secrets To Know When Buying Paper Truck

In some cases locations do matter and it is not the same if the straight truck was maintained at the authorized dealership where they only maintain this brand of trucks or is the maintenance performed in some local no name shop where people have zero experience maintaining this make of trucks.

Once you go trough all of those details check the situation on the vehicle to see that the things mentioned in maintenance plan and service book are really changed.

Unfortunately in nowadays world there is a lot of monkey business going on and people need to be careful especially when buying used straight truck.

Ask For Paper Truck Warranty

It is always important to ask is there any chance they can provide you with some warranty. It is hardly to expect that it is going to be a full warranty like we get when we buy a brand new truck but still even limited warranty can save you a lot of money if something goes wrong and unexpected.

Also this is a good sign that the straight truck you wish to buy is a good one. If the seller believes in it and is willing to give you a warranty that is usually a good sign. Also be patient enough to read all those small letters at the end of warranty papers just to be sure that there is no misunderstanding.

See If There Is a Chance To Get Maintenance Invoices

It would be great if they can provide you with all the maintenance invoices that will provide the accurate and complete picture of the maintenance process. If the straight truck was previously owned by the large company that shouldn’t be problem to get because they keep it in their accounting department.

Getting this can also be a sign if the straight truck has some production flaws and a signal to maybe stay away from it.

Check Tires Visually and Tire Production Date

This is another trick that some unfair truck resellers try to do and in most cases people don’t pay attention to this. It is not just the matter of safety which definitely is jeopardized if the tires are old but it is also the matter of the extra cost that you will need to handle.


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Tires condition and tire production date can heavily determine the truck retail price so check that. Tire production date can be found on the outside wall of the tire and usually looks in this format: 3415 which means that the tire was produced in 34th week of 2015. year. So check for these kind of numbers on the outside tire wall.


As you can see from the items described bellow there is a lot of things that require detailed inspection and close look up for the purpose of avoiding expensive repairs in the future. Hopefully this article will help you to make those smart decision.

If you need any more tips or tricks or you have a theme that you would like to know more please contact us or leave a comment here and we promise we will keep you up to dated.



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