10 Secrets You NEED To Know About Freight Bill Factoring Companies

Thus, sticking to your requirements you will eventually find the right factors that suit your financial needs the most.

Why is it important to overlook the opportunities in a factoring company?

Source: www.credibly.com
Source: www.credibly.com

First of all, picking the wrong freight bill factoring company may lead to a process rather frustrating. Correspondingly, it may lead to huge costs, or in the worst case it may damage your relationship with customers.

Second, you need to look thoroughly when choosing freight bill factoring companies. For example, consider the following:

  • The cash opportunities
  • Time for approval
  • The personal touch
  • Fuel advances
  • Contract
  • Their professionalism
Source: www.factoring-company.us
Source: www.factoring-company.us

Regarding the above-mentioned characteristics of a factoring, take your time to compare the freight factoring companies.

Fast Cash

As shown above, the entire point of hiring freight bill factoring companies is to get quick money. Getting reliable cash flow helps the trucking companies to keep their businesses running.

If in some case you are not getting the cash quickly and need to wait for a day or two then there is no point of getting factoring.

Source: www.truckersconnection.com
Source: www.truckersconnection.com

Furthermore, delaying with cash flow might possibly mean that they are getting the money from a bank. In that case, there are two things to reconsider:

  • Borrowing funds from a bank is resulting in higher rates in your trucking business
  • The funding’s stability and security


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If a factoring company works with a bank in order to pay you off then probably the best is to use the direct funding source.

On the other hand, there are the freight bill factoring companies which are independent. In that case, you need to ask them where they get their resources from.

Source: www.lifehacker.com
Source: www.lifehacker.com

This is an important information to know because you do not want to be cut off by your financing partner after all.

Although very important, getting fast cash is not the only factor that describes the freight bill factoring company as the most suitable for you.

There is more.

Easy Approval

Another factor concerning the right factoring company is the advantage of using the services of the freight bill factoring companies.

To put it another way, banks will consider the financial status of your trucking company while the factoring companies will not.

Frankly, the freight factoring companies are not interested in the size and status of your business. They care about the invoice they will get from you.

Source: www.linkedin.com
Source: www.linkedin.com

To emphasize, they look at the creditworthiness of your trucking business. In fact, they are counting the creditworthiness in the number of customers.

The freight bill factoring companies will approve the cash you need. They will approve it as long as you fulfill the customers’ number needed in order to get the invoice from.

However, you need to look for the freight factoring companies that will approve you fast. In fact, the entire process of approval should be easy and easy.

You need to remember that they will confirm their approval if the customers you have are creditworthy. To sum up, they do not care if you have one of the best trucking company logos.

The credit worth of the customers is the only factor that matters to them.

Personal Touch

Another crucial factor here is being in a personal touch with the freight factoring company. Furthermore, the

A good factoring company is the one that will assign a personal manager to take care of the finances. The one that will make sure everything is under control.

Source: www.linkedin.com
Source: www.linkedin.com

The manager should be available to you always. It is his job to answer the questions you will have eventually. You are paying the service.

It is the people you are doing business with after all, not the freight bill factoring company.

Fuel Advances

Why is it important to have fuel advances?

To put it another way, you might be an over the road (OTR) trucking company which spends tons of money on fuel.

To continue with, there are truck stop amenities with cheaper fuel but besides that, the long destinations require lots of fuel expenses.

Source: www.1sttruckingfactoring.com
Source: www.1sttruckingfactoring.com

Luckily, the freight bill factoring companies are willing to cover all that. To put it another way, it is what will keep your trucking business going.

And that is the most important part of having a healthy company that has a high potential to become one of the best trucking companies.

Flexible Contract Terms

When getting engaged with freight bill factoring companies you need to have the freedom of choice.

First of all, you need to stick to your terms and then see if their terms are acceptable for your trucking company.

Source: www.ucfunding.com
Source: www.ucfunding.com

Between the long-term contracts and the short-term ones, you need to choose from the contract terms that you find the most flexible.

If the contract terms sound too good to be true then probably they are and are the perfect fit for you.

If you are not certain about how a fair deal looks like and how to get one then you can read further

Look for Professionalism

When you look truck drivers for your trucking company you search for successful truck drivers, experienced truck drivers, or professional drivers.

Well, it is pretty much the same with freight bill factoring companies.

To emphasize, you need the ones that are reliable and trustworthy. For example, do not search the freight factoring companies with the best rates only.

Source: www.versocellars.com
Source: www.versocellars.com

In fact, you need to look further, do thorough research about the opportunities they offer and be strict in your company choice.

Things to remember: You depend on the freight factoring companies.

You need to always have this in mind.

Source: www.joinharper.com
Source: www.joinharper.com

To put it in a different way you need to ask yourselves the following questions when searching for professional freight bill factoring companies:

  • How long has the factoring company been involved in the business?
  • Are they really professionals in the transportation niche?
  • What about the fuel cards? Do they offer?
  • consider the credit reports. Are they unlimited or limited?
  • do they have previous experience with trucking businesses?

Furthermore, I know that you are using the freight bill factoring companies for running out of money and getting as quickly as possible to cash flow.



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