Frequently Asked Truck Driving Questions and Answers

Due to this matter, and the weight of the job despite the cargo’s, ice road truckers are in general, the highest paid truckers.

The danger the job brings, as well as the high risk of accidents, these truckers can even earn an entire yearly salary in a few months.

Truck Driving Questions: What is good pay for ice road truck driver?


Besides bravery, skill is also required above anything else which is why these truck drivers are considered as the best in the industry.

In order to become a truck driver, you need to know how to handle the cargo as well as the elements coming along with it.

As an illustration, if an ice trucker can last up to three months in a winter weather than the ice road trucker salary would be $120,000.

Dump Truck Drivers

Next in the line of a unique trucking job is the dump trucking. Notably, this career requires patience despite other skills.

In order to load coal from mines, you need to develop a specific manner of handling it while keeping the mine from disruption.

Continually, being careful with the movements is also obligatory because one sudden or wrong move and a collapse in the mine can happen.

To illustrate, dump truck drivers can make up to $78,665 on a yearly basis, however, the average salary of a dump truck driver is $31,000 per year.

Oversize Load Drivers

As shown above, overload truck drivers are also among the truckers who are paid the most. One of the most asked truck driving questions is whether these truckers receive a good pay.

To put it in a different way, these truckers make a good living salary.

Truck Driving Questions: What is good pay for a oversize load truck driver?


The skills requirements for overloaded truck drivers are the following:

  • High concentration level
  • Patience
  • Keep a large load straight
  • Ability to deal with oncoming traffic

Due to the danger of the job FMCSA has permitted these trucks to stay on the curbs of the highways.

With this in mind, oversize load truck drivers make a $53,000 annual living.

How Many Miles Can a Truck Driver Drive for a Day?

In a 14 hour period, you can legally drive for 11 hours and take 10 hours break afterward.

Not only the driving hours but the mileage is also based on speed.

With regards to this, one of the most frequent truck driving questions might be the following:

How many miles a trucker drives in a day?

For instance, if you drive at 60 mph for 11 hours then the math for your mileage would be 660 mph.

truck driving questions: How Many Miles Can a Truck Driver Drive for a Day?


If you add up the entire 24-hour window then the math for an entire day would be 780 mph total.

Whether you need to fuel the vehicle, and logging that, the log will show it legally.

Regarding, this will not make a problem to the mileage although it is shown in the log.

truck driving questions: How Many Miles a Truck Driver Drives a Day?


How Many Hours can a Trucker Drive a Day?

The hours of service (HOS) regulations focus on how long you can drive based on the time limits.

Also, how many hours you can drive before the permission of operating the vehicle finishes.

In addition, one of the frequently asked truck driving questions are the hours of service.

With regards to this, you are ought to follow all the duty limits and no exceptions.

Furthermore, they are the following:

  • 14-hour driving limit
  • 11-hour limit

If you calculate this by week, there are 60 hours driving limit and in 8 days there is a 70-hour driving limit.


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14-Hour Driving Window

The 14-hour driving window is considered as a daily driving limit regardless of not being based on a 24 hour time interval.

To emphasize, truck drivers have been asking truck driving questions about the 14-hour driving window.

truck driving questions: How Many Hours can a Trucker Drive a Day?


Notably, as a truck driver, you are allowed to a 14 consecutive hour period where you drive up to 11 after you have been off duty for an entire 10 hours.

The daily 14-hour limit starts with any type of work and once you reach the limit you cannot drive until you are off duty for another 10 hours.

The driving is limited to entire 14 hours once you take an off-duty lunch break or a nap during the hours.

11-Hours Commitment

In addition to the above-mentioned 14 hours window, the future truck drivers are also posing truck driving questions about the 11 hours commitment.

During the 14 hour window, you can drive the truck also for up to 11 hours total.

truck driving questions: 11 hour commitment and its meaning


If a driver operates for 11 hours during the 14 hours window then driving is not allowed if more than 8 hours the driver has been off duty.

Once you complete driving those 11 hours, you have actually reached the limit of driving.

Consequently, after this, you need to be off duty for the next 10 hours before you start driving again.

What Truck Driving Companies Pay for Training?

Becoming a truck driver is never easy, and operating a truck requires an insanely wide knowledge.

In order to get the best skills possible, you need to get more than proper CDL training.

The first thing to do before choosing the right trucking company is to learn which of the companies offer free CDL training.

Having said this, this obstacle is the most important among the truck drivers because the wages are really high, to be honest.

truck driving questions: What Truck Driving Companies Pay for Training?


To emphasize, an average program costs $3,500 which is, in fact, an average truck drivers salary.

However, the type of school and the training program plays a great role here. In some cases, due to prestigious trucking schools and high knowledge programs, the training costs an unbelievable $7,000.

If you are unable to pay it for yourself, these are the companies that can make you a professional truck driver.

What is the Best Trucking Company to Work For?

Just like any other industry, some trucking companies offer better opportunities and compensation than others.



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