Construction & Heavy Equipment

Track, monitor, and coordinate your assets in real-time with just one click


Improve Operational Efficiency

  • Reduce unproductive vehicle idling to improve operational and fuel efficiency
  • Gain productivity control and find extra hour in every day
  • Redirect workers to take the shortest distance from one job to the next and reduce drive time and downtimee
  • Work smarter not harder, measure and analyze operations at all levels and improve profitability
  • Managed overtime & reduced payroll hours
  • Increased labor productivity

Proactive Maintenance

  • Create more precise maintenance schedules
  • Get maintenance reminders and avoid roadside breakdowns and project delays
  • Keep your vehicles healthy with analytics and advanced reporting
  • Get maintenance reminders and avoid roadside breakdowns and project delays

Track and Analyze Working Hours

  • Know the exact hours of operation
  • Managed overtime and reduced payroll hours
  • Observe frequency of the stops your drivers are taking
  • View and compare each vehicle idle time and utilization rates

Improve Safety and Driver Performance

  • Get alerts for unsafe vehicle operating (speeding, hard braking, hard acceleration)
  • Reduce unnecessary wear and tear of your equipment
  • Analyze Historical fleet performance and provide training sessions for the reckless drivers
  • Managed overtime & reduced payroll hours
  • Remain compliant with the safety mandates for heavy-duty and avoid legal complications

Avoid Theft and Cut Fuel Costs

  • 24/4 fleet control with Real-Time Equipment Monitoring
  • Optimize vehicle utilization and performance
  • Get alerted if your vehicles leave a fenced zone

Master Your Customer Service

  • In case of delay, keep your customers informed
  • Provide clients with realistic, estimated project completion report
  • Satisfied Customers = Regular Business + Referral Business

Manage Worksite Compliance

  • HOS & DVIR
  • Electronic logs for reduced paperwork
  • Set rules and alerts
  • Avoid legal complications
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