Driver Behavior

Monitor and Manage your fleet in real-time with just one click


Safety Grade and Safety Score

Automatically track and monitor where and when your drivers are breaking the safety protocols
  • Monitor drivers behavior in real-time
  • Safety scores for each driver or the entire fleet
  • Proactively manage driver's performance
  • Avoid insurance fees and accidents

Alerts Updates

Receive real-time alerts or notifications in case of forbidden vehicle or equipment usage
  • Control the driving performance by setting multiple alerts
  • Stop vehicles or equipment usage outside working hours
  • Set geofence zones for all of your vehicles
  • With proprietary grading system know each driver performance

Real Time Activity Monitoring

Increase fleet safety by monitoring and planning every aspect of your fleet activity and performance
Realtime Activity
  • Plan each vehicle activity to reduce operational cost
  • Monitor route execution and make sure your drivers run by the plan
  • Dispatch jobs easily and monitor the progression
  • Identify risky driving habits and coach drivers in real-time
Acceleration Recording

Acceleration Recording

Deep acceleration insights for the fleet managers to improve reckless driving behavior
  • Track, record and manage drivers performance
  • Summarized view and acceleration reports of all drivers
  • Set custom rules and real-time harsh acceleration alerts
Harsh Braking Recording

Harsh Braking Recording

Monitor and analyse harsh braking and determine which drivers need extra coaching
  • Risk and safety driving performance notifications
  • Set custom rules and real-time harsh braking alerts
  • Stop harsh braking and extend your vehicles lifespan
Speeding Violations

Speeding Violations

Set alerts on each driver performance and make sure it’s according to the law
  • Speed limits and safety scoring system to improve safety
  • Set speeding alerts to stop reckless behavior and avoid fines
  • Discover and coach drivers that have bad driving behavior
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