Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Fueloyal?
Fueloyal developed patented and proprietary integrated software and hardware solution that prevents fuel misuse in Trucking industry.

Who should use Fueloyal?
Any trucking company that has more than 2 trucks (preferably Class A trucks) and whose drivers are fueling their trucks.

Why should we use the Fueloyal – what is the benefit?
Fueloyal will prevent any fuel misuse in trucking company made by company drivers or thieves while the truck is left unattended. Researches are indicating that $10 Bln annually worth fuel is being stolen in Trucking business (USA only). Potential damage is estimated up to $1700 per truck/month.

How it works?
If you are a trucking company owner put Fueloyal smart fuel cap instead of the existing one on the fuel tank of a truck. With built in flow sensor smart fuel cap will force the driver to put the entire amount of purchased fuel inside of a fuel tank and match those results with the gas station bill. Once put inside, due to anti siphoning protection nobody can take the Fuel out.

Is it a hardware or a software?
Actually it is both. You will get smart fuel cap to install on a truck and access to our any place access web application where you can control each device and see all kind of different reports and analytics regarding you fuel expenses and usage.

How can I start using it, is it hard to install?
Nope! Unlike any other solution on the market you don’t need to call any technician to install it. You can do it on your own in less than 30 seconds per truck.

Do I need to do any fuel tank modification or wiring to the cabin or truck power?
Nope! There is no downtime or expensive installation process requires. There is no fuel tank modification required or connection to the truck cabin or power to operate. It is a completely stand alone device with all technology built in.

Is it expensive?
No upfront hardware fee! In order to make it easier to start saving money we developed a business model that allows trucking companies to only pay for monthly service fee.

Can I integrate fuel purchases from my fuel card provider?
Yes! With this option, our users can automatically have their fuel records import into their account on a daily basis.

Can you import my data from another system or the spreadsheet we’ve been using?
Unless you developed unique tools to run you business we can import your data – even if you run everything on the paper.