Thinking of getting a GPS Tracking solution?

That means you care about your trucking business!

But now there is a way to get a GPS service that is much better, more affordable and makes you even more money every month, than any other existing GPS on the market!


Simply! Fueloyal Smart GPS Tracking with fuel purchase optimization features!

Daily investment in this solution is only $0.45. For this amount of money you will get the one and only GPS on the market that makes you $300 per truck/month! It is the same amount you spend daily on paper clips! With lower price than competitors, you get better quality and start making money immediately.


Better quality than any existing GPS on the market!

Besides allowing you to track and monitor your fleet, to check idling times and add geofence restrictions, Fueloyal smart GPS tracking will inform your drivers where and when is the right time to buy the cheapest diesel on every route. Yes, it will also take in consideration your company fuel card preferences and IFTA tax rates.


It takes only 5 minutes to install and there is no contract required!

We know you are busy and for that reason, we made this so easy to install. Don't pay expensive installation! Do it yourself!
We are so confident that you will like our solution so much, that we don't want to push you to sign a multi-year contract. Pay as you use!


Our solution has one big flaw!

It will make you a lot of money so that you will not need to work that hard anymore! You will be able to go on a longer vacation than ever.

Of course, you can take your laptop with you and track your fleet from any place in the world!


Request more information!

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