Learn 8 Reasons Why You Need to Monitor Excessive Acceleration

Learn 8 Reasons Why You Need to Monitor Excessive Acceleration

Excessive Acceleration Tickets Can Damage Your Safety Rating

Now this is where excessive acceleration can really hurt you! You might be thinking losing a couple hurts of drive time and getting a pick fine hurts enough.

Well that slap to your pride is only part of it. You will get points deducted off your license. You might even get increased truck insurance or cargo insurance rates!

But things that makes the safety rating hurt is that could cost you your job. It could affect your company or the trucking company you are working for.

Furthermore, it could be what cost you potential trim and clients. Chicken Little cried about the sky and I know some of you will say this is what I’m doing here. Well in reality, it depends on the number of tickets and the speed at which it was written.

Source: www.thejeffersonchronicle.com
Source: www.thejeffersonchronicle.com

Of course each state has its own individual point system and such. However, excessive acceleration which gets you clocked doing 20 or more over the posted limited, and it becomes more than a fine!

This information will be reported to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). They in turn compile this information and it becomes a matter of public record.

The FMCSA has their compliance program. They take every accident, ticket, and other violations then put all this information together in the report. From there they come up with you and your organizations safety rating.

From this customers can determine which carrier will most likely do the best and safest job of transporting their products.

Excessive Acceleration Burns More Fuel

Now we all have heard this, excessive acceleration does burn more fuel! There have been numerous studies regarding this fact. How had been up for debate.

It depends on the grade of fuel, your type of vehicle, the vehicles age, and how well it has been maintained. Of course there are other factors such as weather and traffic conditions as well.

Source: www.qz.com
Source: www.qz.com

But aggressive driving and excessive acceleration truly does waste more fuel than is worth it. This is especially true if you are travelling over long distances.

But as I mentioned, those studies have determined that poor driving habits can reduce you gas mileage by as much as 30%!!!!

You might have company fuel card and think that you can spend that extra gas, but on the end of the day, you might earn an extra ticket for that!

Source: www.wayne.com
Source: www.wayne.com

So, don’t use excessive acceleration, or limit it as much as possible. Think if you could save just 15% of your fuel usage how much further you could get between fill-ups.

But, if you insist on excessive acceleration you might as well not have any anti-siphoning protection on your tank either, because clearly you don’t care about losing fuel.

Excessive Acceleration Can Waste Your Tires

You truck tires are one of the key things that must be cared for. Ok, we all know you should keep your truck properly maintained and in good condition.

This means your truck lights, mirrors, your truck brakes, and everything.

Source: www.tyresafe.org
Source: www.tyresafe.org

But, it is your tires that take a huge amount of the punishment. They are the only thing that actually contacts the road. You can pick up nails or other hazards while going from place to place.

Even sitting on a truck stop, you could get a screw in your tire! There are also the yards with big rocks that get stuck between the duallies. That can be a real pain to pry them free.


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Something else that gets your tires is excessive acceleration. That’s right, going too fast creates friction, heat and breaks down the structural integrity of your tires.

Also if you’re going too fast and need to suddenly break, the added friction will burn away several miles of good rubber.

Source: Youtube
Source: Youtube

The last thing you want is to tear up your tires and find yourself stuck in the middle of East-Nowhere with bad tires.

Now you’ll lose time and money getting them replaced, but what is even worst, is prematurely wearing down your tires and then reducing their ability to stop the truck. If this causes an accident you’ll be in a heap of trouble.

Excessive Acceleration is Not Good for the Environment, Causing Pollution

Now we all have heard about CO2 emissions and how it is related to climate change. I am not going to get into that debate. You are smart I’ll let your research it for yourself.

Now,  there is thing that is not debatable, and that is that pollution is bad.  Well excessive acceleration does that, and releases toxins and pollutants in the air.

Your truck muffler system is designed to handle ‘X’ amount of particles. But when it reaches more than that, they escape out your vehicle’s exhaust system.

Source: www.widewallpapershd.info
Source: www.widewallpapershd.info

This added unfiltered dirt ends up in the air we breathe! It can also settle into our clothes, our food, and even our water.  It doesn’t just disappear, now we all know some does but there are particle that don’t until they find somewhere to land.

So if you don’t mind smog then you are one of the few! Excessive acceleration really can increase the amount of smog like you see in the major cities!

Excessive Acceleration Can Cause Damage to the Truck

Here is something I bet you don’t think about when it comes to excessive acceleration. The wear and tear on your truck is directly related to the way you drive.

The harder and rougher you handle you truck, the more it will get beat up and look like one of those bitten trucks you seeing  on the truck auctions. I am not really speaking about the body.

Source: www.media.nbcsandiego.com
Source: www.media.nbcsandiego.com

No, this goes back to your tires. There can only absorb so much of the highways rough patches and potholes. That is why you have shocks, and why big trucks have their big expensive shock absorbers.

But if you’re racing down the road and bouncing all over the place they have to work overtime. This added stress can really cause more issues with your truck.

As you bounce along the road your entire truck is shaking. Now you might have a good captain’s seat and perhaps a good seat cushion. So this makes it so you don’t feel the road, or not as much, but I assure you the truck does!



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