Location Tracking

Monitor and Manage your fleet in real-time with just one click

 Real Time Tracking

Real Time Tracking

Monitoring your assets from anyplace in the world with our web-based user dashboard
  • Detailed and accurate real-time trip reports
  • Optimized vehicle utilization and performance
  • Track asset reliability and durability
  • Dispatch jobs from the office and monitor progress
  • Accurate ETA’s
Vehicle Status

Vehicle Status

Keep control and closely monitor vehicles movements and operating status
  • Get real-time location, alerts, movements
  • Edit and view routes for a specific day
  • Know how long your employees spend time at each job-site
  • Find the nearest truck driver to dispatch on the route
  • Stay on top of each vehicle usage
Street View

Street View

Take full advantage and improve every aspect of your business
  • Simple and easy field locating
  • Increase street visibility for all your drivers
  • Improve planning, productivity and save time
  • Advanced fleet management features to boost response
  • Gain the highest ROI possible

Route Replay

Gain 100% fleet visibility to reduce stress, increase drivers productivity and improve driving behaviour
Route Replay
  • Analyze each day safety scores and alert summaries
  • Get detailed time sheets and drivers activity reports
  • Recreate any trip and spot on-road violations

Multiple Map Options

This multifunctional mapping system will boost your company performance
  • Multiple mapping options for every fleet size
  • Different screen-layouts and object icons
  • Import and save tracks and Points of Interest (POIs)

Activity Reports

Act proactively to manage field productivity and improve operating efficiency
  • Monitor PTO and engine hours
  • Proactive field communication to improve fleet efficiency
  • Maintain detailed and accurate trip records


Full customization possibilities to make sure you have geofencing for every vehicle in your company fleet
  • Specific geofencing in place for every vehicle
  • Get instant alerts if a vehicle leaves a fenced zone
  • Prevent unauthorized company vehicles usage
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