Logistics & Transportation

Track, monitor, and coordinate your fleet in real-time with just one click


Optimize Route Planning & Cut Fuel Cost

  • Decrease yours and your employees planning time up to 60%
  • Save time and fuel with 45% shorter routes
  • Easily find the nearest truck driver to dispatch on the route
  • Increase productivity of all transport related activities without hurting your trucking company service quality
  • Stay up to date with unauthorized company vehicles usage
  • Proactive Field Communication
  • Fleet data access from anywhere
  • Monitor PTO

Master Maintenance

  • Create maintenance schedules and receive service reminders to avoid roadside breakdowns and downtime
  • Never forget the service inspection again no matter of the model, year or the condition of your vehicles
  • Plan maintenance more precisely and save time on unnecessary servicing
  • Keep your fleet healthy with automated engine and vehicle diagnostic data tracking

Manage Compliance

  • Fully FMCSA Certified and tested ELD, all data synced with the office for inspection
  • 100% Free IFTA Tax Reporting Tool to get your Tax Rates Automatically uploaded every quarter
  • Electronic logs for reduced paperwork
  • Easy to use Interface for easy creation and editing
  • HOS & DVIR

Improve Drivers Safety

  • Safety Scores for entire fleet or individual drivers
  • Control Drivers behavior and habits in real-time and STOP unsafe driving behaviors (speeding, hard braking and aggressive acceleration)
  • Identify drivers that need training sessions and improve their performance
  • Simple and Easy Access to your Fleet data from Anywhere

Advanced Fuel Management set of features that saves $300 per Truck/Month

  • No more wasting money, truck drivers can easily find the cheapest gas station on the route
  • Amenities data available of every gas station on the route including the number of parking spaces
  • Track your entire fleet on a single screen and save money on every mile
  • Prevent theft with fuel card fraud protection feature
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