Natural Pest Control: Safe & Non-Toxic Methods


Dragonflies are known by their ability to hunt on mosquitoes. In addition, dragonflies can exterminate different kinds of pests.


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However, it is good for you to know the fact that when someone is using chemical pesticides in order to keep pest control, at the same time besides killing pests is as well killing dragonflies.


The larvae of the ladybugs are used as a vicious predator. It is, in fact, feeding on different types of pests. So, if you have ladybugs in your garden leave them to spread- they will be your natural pest control.

Ground Beetle

Ground beetles are the insects that are going to save your garden from pests.

Actually, ground beetles are the most effective natural pest control because they can create tunnels under the ground- which are used for hunting their prey.

If you want to attract ground beetles in your garden, place flat stones. Flat stones are providing the perfect shelter for ground beetles.


Green lacewings although might seem fragile- are making a great difference in natural pest control.

Moreover, lacewings are biological control agents that seem to be the perfect weapon against numerous pests.


Toads are the perfect natural pest control- because it eats everything on its way.

Natural Pest Control: Advantages & Benefits

The advantages and benefits that natural pest control can bring us are huge and unquestionable at the same time.

The actual development of natural pest control is contributing on a large scale on the improvement of the overall environment. As well as on growing healthier crops, fruits, and vegetables.

It is a clear proof that what the Earth provides us can be used as a natural pest control. There are clearly no needs of chemicals.

natural pest control advatanges

So, it leaves us with the crystal clear conclusion that the biological pest control agents are harmless.

In addition, farmers can take the advantage that natural pest control can bring them. They are now in the situation to provide us with organic products, which are way healthier than other products that are being raised with chemicals.

Thereupon, natural pest control is bringing us a healthier place to live in! In addition, it is also contributing to the sustainability.

Preventing Pest Development

The easiest way to prevent pest development is by using the previously mentioned natural pest control solutions that I have included in the article.

Even though you have not noticed pests in your garden you can always use this natural pest control.

In reality, preventative measures are the most efficient way of keeping pests away from your garden, home or office.

natural pest control is an effective pest control

By using the preventative measures you will destroy the pest-friendly conditions. By not taking natural pest control preventative measures you can risk pests invading your home for example.

In reality, most commonly we are making pest-friendly conditions- even by not knowing it.

In general, pests do exist and live in humid and dark areas. The most common pests that can live in your house are the following: termites, spiders, ants as well as rodents.


Hey! I'm George J. Magoci and I will send you a FREE eBook where you can learn 100 Things To Know About GPS and Fleet Management.

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How to Make Natural Pesticide At Home

Natural pest control solutions are most effective when prepared at home. That way you will be sure that the natural pesticides are actually natural.

In addition, homemade natural pesticides are also considered as organic ones.

By preparing natural pesticides at home- you will be in the position to take preventative measures by spraying your plants.

natural pest control

Yet, when making homemade natural pesticides at your home, you will have to be highly aware of the fact about the ingredients that you are mixing. Make sure to use ingredients that are not going to do any damage to your plants.

Here are three natural pest control recipes that you can make at your home:

  1. Get the following ingredients: 1 head of garlic, 2 tablespoons mineral or vegetable oil, 2 cups of water, 1 tablespoon of dish soap that does not contain bleach= you can mix all these ingredients by firstly peeling the garlic cloves and puree the cloves with the other ingredients. This mixture should be left to sit overnight. After that you can safely pour it into a spray bottle and use it to protect your plants;
  2. Take the following ingredients: 2 tablespoons of baking soda, 1 tablespoon vegetable oil, 1 teaspoon dish soap, and 2 quart of water. Mix these ingredients and pour it into a spray bottle. This mixture will make all pests go away from your plants;
  3. Mix the following ingredients: 2 cups of water, 2 tablespoons dish soap and 1 cup chopped hot peppers. Puree them and let it sit overnight as in the first recipe- later on pour the ingredients into the spray bottle and enjoy the benefits from this natural pest control mixture.

Nonetheless, it is crystal clear that natural pest control solutions are the best. Yet, when making one in your home, a recipe such as are these three that I have provided you with- you should always make sure to test it on your plants.

natural pest control with food items

The best way for testing it is by pouring a small portion of the mixture on the plant. Wait for a moment to see whether it will or will not do harm on the plant.

When you determine that it is all good, you are ready to use your homemade natural pest control solution.

Tip: When making homemade natural pest control solutions never use any bleach- it is a chemical that can make damage to your plants.


To enumerate, the importance of using pest control on time is essential. Actually, if you detect that you have pests infesting in your home, garden or office and do not do anything about it- then know that you are in a great health danger.

Luckily, nowadays we can take the advantage of the natural pest control- which makes everything way healthier and easier, for both the environment and for people too. In reality, pests are prone to destroying plants, and we must do everything with the help of natural pest control to stop it from destroying our plants, and way to destroying our agricultural plants.



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