Discover Pros and Cons Of Truckers Union

Truckers Union Cons

Truckers Union System Abuse

If there is a system in place people will find a way around it, or will use it to their advantage. A truckers union is no different. This is where not being able to fire a problematic employee can be a real issue. Or when you wish to promote a great employee but can’t because of seniority.

Truckers Union Rewards Don’t Always Go To Those Who Deserve It

Truckers are hard working people who deserve the rewards of the job. The truckers union will ensure that the employer must comply with their end of the bargain, in recognizing this. This can be formal recognition, monetary, performance, and the list goes on. Well if the bad employee is part of the best team, he/she reaps the same rewards as the rest. Also you can have two employees, one is outstanding and one is mediocre, they both get the same pay at the end of the week.

Truckers Union Can Prevent Upward Mobility

They say the cream rises to the top. Well if your shop has a truckers union that might not be the case. As a matter of fact if the best employee lacks seniority they might not even be eligible for available promotions or transfer to better opportunities.

Pros and Cons Of Truckers Union


Truckers Union Dues and Fees

The day-to-day running and operating a trucker union is not cheap. They have a ton of expenses, staff members’ salary, administration fees, equipment, transportation, and lots more. Well, where do you think they get these funds? That’s right, form you -the employee. Just like you pay the government taxes to provide you the services you need, you pay the truckers union as well.


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Everyday you drive down the bumpy pothole filled roads, I am sure you see how well The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) takes care of you. There are many people who feel the truckers union is no different.

Truckers Union Loss of Independence

For many people they’re drawn to the world of trucking for the independent nation of it. Once your shop is part of a truckers union you will lose that. It doesn’t matter how you feel about the union or their decisions, once something is part of the bargain agreement, you’re bound to it.

Pros and Cons Of Truckers Union



Well as I said there are both good points and bad points about being in a truckers union. It really is about what you want out of the job. Actually, there is more to it than that, it is also about what you want the job to be able to do for you!

Do you want just a paycheck? Or do you want stability? Do you prefer being in charge of your destiny or do you prefer the comfort of having a safety net? A truckers union really does protect you, the worker. However they also control many aspects. Some people have learned how to work the system and use it to their full advantage.

Are you in a truckers union? Are you for or against a truckers union? Share some of your thoughts and experiences with us.



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