Track, monitor, and control your fleet in real-time with just one click


Proactive Maintenance

  • Create maintenance schedules for your entire fleet
  • Receive service reminders and never forget the vehicle checkups
  • Use engine diagnostics and save thousands of dollars in unnecessary maintenance

Improve Customers Satisfaction

  • Provide faster respond to your customer needs
  • Track Mileage to bill your customers accurately
  • Satisfied Customers = Regular Business + Referral Business

Real-Time Clients Behavior Reports

  • Monitor your asset usage to protect them from wear and tear
  • Receive alert if a vehicle is used outside the agreed miles
  • Get the location of every single vehicle with just one click
  • Receive real-time driving alerts and notify the customers when they break the usage policies

Reduce asset misuse and theft

  • 24/7 location monitoring of your assets
  • Easily recover stolen vehicles with real-time tracking

Avoid Compliance Issues

  • Set real-time notifications and stay on top of your usage policies
  • Protect your fleet insurance with forbidden border crossing alerts
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