Safety Management

Monitor and Manage your fleet in real-time with just one click


Safety Grade

Monitor drivers behavior in real-time and make sure your company drivers are driving safe and according to the law
Safety Grade
  • Various safety alerts and notifications
  • Advanced insight into on-road drivers activities
  • Quickly inspect vehicles to ensure compliance
  • Increase control and improve company safety record

Safety Score Analysis

The safety scoring system allows you to get safety and driving scores with just one click
  • Everyday safety and alerts score summaries
  • Complete time sheets and activity reports
  • Each driver or entire fleet safety reports and scores

Alert Events

Get real-time location and alerts to make sure your assets are protected
  • Multiple alerts to control each driver behavior
  • Spot reckless driving behavior in real-time
  • Instant accident notifications
  • Protect your company safety record

Speeding Violations

Avoid insurance fees and accidents by proactively managing driver's performance
  • Set custom rules and real-time speeding alerts
  • Reduce speed violations and avoid fines
  • Control speeding performance with customized alerts

Speeding Analysis

Get detailed reports about key events such as speeding, unauthorized vehicle activity and ensure safe day-to-day operations
Speeding Analysis
  • Deep insights into each vehicle performance
  • Multiple speeding analytical parameters
  • Decrease speeding and increase safety
  • Score and rank each drivers performance
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