INFOGRAPHIC: 10 Interesting Facts About Female Truck Drivers

The trucking business, in general, is a man’s world but still there are many women involved in OTR career and all together are a major part of the history and the future of the trucking industry. If you ever asked yourself who have better scores on passing a CDL certification at the first attempt or […]

INFOGRAPHIC: 10 Interesting Facts About Truck Drivers Salary

Truck drivers salary over the years have always been a great issues in trucking business. Trucking companies would like to pay as little as they can and on the other hand you have truck drivers that think they deserve more. I personally think that it is a hard work and I’m sure every trucking company […]

INFOGRAPHIC: 10 Interesting Facts About Truck Tires

Truck tire or tyre it doesn’t matter actually what matter is that this is important part of the truck’s equipment and that entire tire industry is making some amazing products we barely notice when we use them every day. Ever since the mass production tire started and all thanks to invention made by Mr. Dunlop […]