INFOGRAPHIC: 10 Interesting Fuel and Transportation Facts in the USA

All we have and use in our homes is transported by trucks! Without the trucks and the transportation of goods, it will be difficult to survive. We take things for granted because we can buy food from our local store wherever we want, or every time we feel sick we can visit the doctor and […]

10 Secret Places To Find Flatbed Truck Driving Jobs

Sometimes it is hard to find suitable flatbed truck driving jobs. Those flatbed truck driving jobs that you will love and feel comfortable behind the wheel. In addition, it is hard to find the right truck driving jobs without counting the hours or days that are keeping you from getting a good rest. Moreover, counting […]

Hazmat Endorsement Test – Killer Guide To Your Success

Taking the hazmat endorsement test requires wide knowledge. The hazmat endorsement test is of huge importance since the hazardous transport is on the rise. Truck drivers are transporting hazardous materials since the beginning of the 21st century and continue to expand on a much higher lever. Moreover, there must be a trick or two you […]

INFOGRAPHIC: 8 Cool Facts About Fuel and Transportation

The trucking industry is characterized as the lifeblood of the whole U.S. economy. Thereupon, this industry is transporting more than 70% of all the freight and goods in “The Land Of Opportunity”. So, if we convert the percentages in numbers, we could get a way clearer picture, and see that in fact the load transportation […]