Top 10 Trucking Companies In Delaware

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Old Dominition is a definition of a successful trucking company. Starting with only one truck and achieving to become a global transportation company through the years, is a great example for all small trucking companies in Delaware.


At the beginnings of the 60’s Old Dominition has started expanding their services across North Carolina and southern Virginia. It is then when this trucking company started achieving success.

Later on, they continued expanding their services in:

  1. Florida;
  2. California;
  3. Dallas;
  4. Chicago;
  5. Florida;

The improvement and expansion of this trucking company can be seen also through their purchases. Therefore, this trucking company back then has purchased the following assets:

  1. Priority Freight Line;
  2. Wichita Southeast Kansas Transit;
  3. Bullocks Express Transportation;

So, as you had the chance to read this Old Dominition is one of the best trucking companies in Delaware; thanks to the services of this trucking company you as a customer will get the most competitive transit times as well as pricing available.

5. Auto Express Transport Inc.

Auto Express Transport is one of the leading trucking companies in Delaware. The main focus of this trucking company is on the dealer to auction transport.


Thereupon, Auto Express Transport are always ready to service all auto transportation needs of their clients.

So, this trucking company is mainly serving:

  • Auto Dealers;
  • Auto Manufacturers;
  • Auctions;
  • Government Agencies;
  • Rental Companies, as well as
  • Individuals on the Eastern shore;

By providing professional and reliable services, Auto Express Transport has risen among the top 10 trucking companies in Delaware. Their fleet consists of 9 auto transporters; each auto transporter has a capacity ranging from 9 to 10 vehicles.

6. YRC Freight

YRC not that is one of the best trucking companies in Delaware but it is also one of the rare trucking companies in this state that has specialized in LTL trucking services.

So, if you are in search of LTL services and you are located in Delaware, do not hesitate. Now you can get in touch with YRC freight and you will experience reliable and time-efficient load transportation. They are performing LTL like no other trucking company.


Actually not many people know that YRC is the largest subsidiary of YRC Worldwide Inc. . Other subsidiaries that are part of YRC Worldwide are:

  1. YRC Reimer;
  2. Reddaway;
  3. Holland;
  4. New Penn;

When each trucking company decides to put the safety and respect on the first place, then success will be inevitable. The truck drivers that are part of this trucking company are treating each customer in the way that they want to be treated.

Expedited and guaranteed deliveries can be performed by this transportation provider. Also, the areas where they are shipping include: Canada, Mexico, and of course the U.S.

Yet, YRC is the first load transportation provider that has ever combined cellular and satellite technologies.

7. Werner Enterprises

Incorporated in 1956 Werner Enterprises is a trucking company that since day one is aiming to deliver world-class supply chain solutions to their customers. This is one of the best trucking companies in Delaware; it can be easily said that it is one of the best worldwide trucking companies.


Werner Enterprises has offices all across USA, as well as in Canada, Mexico, Australia and China.  They are able to fulfill every request from their customers, since their fleet comprises:

  1. Dedicated Van;
  2. Temperature-controlled;
  3. Flatbed trucks;
  4. Medium-to-long haul;
  5. Regional and Local hauling;
  6. Expedited services;

These days this trucking company not only that is one of the best trucking companies that are out there in Delaware, but also it is one of the largest. The fleet of this trucking company includes 7.300 tractors and 24.000 trailers. They have company truck drivers, but as well they include independent contractors.


What this trucking company is known about includes:

It is no wonder why Werner Enterprises has achieved such amazing and consistent financial result.

8. Rifenburg Trucking Inc.

Rifenburg Trucking having a goal to achieve customer satisfaction has risen as one of the best trucking companies in Delaware. Since its incorporation until now this trucking company has remained to be family oriented.

Operating with only the best trucks and reliable equipment has brought them numerous loyal customers. Also, this trucking company is paying enormous attention to the training process of their truck drivers.


The truck drivers that comprise the team od Rifenburg are able to transport your loads time-efficiently and safely.

Therefore what Rifenburg aims towards is:

  1. Experience;
  2. Commitment;
  3. Quality;

This trucking company as one of the best in Delaware is able to perform local as well as long distance load transportation. Dry and refrigerated loads are not posing any problem to their truckers.

Moreover, what this trucking company is also providing to their company includes:

  • Washouts;
  • Storage trailer rentals;
  • Pallet Sales (including the pickup procedure);

As you can see, by the services this trucking company is providing, there aint a doubt that they are achieving their goal, day by day.

9. A.Duie Pyle

Duie Pyle is the Northeast’s premier transportation and logistics provider, it is also ranked to be one of the top 10 trucking companies in Delaware. This well-established trucking company is family-oriented.

Besides that, it is able to provide a complete range of integrated transportation and distribution services to their clients.

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Moreover, A.Duie Pyle is part of the trucking industry for more than 93 years which makes it one of the oldest trucking companies in Delaware. As one of the oldest trucking companies in Delaware A.Duie Pyle has established numerous partnerships, which extend to the Caribbean.


It is good to mention that Pyle has Customized Solutions Group which helps the custom dedicated fleet operations and warehousing services go smooth, without any problem.



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