Top 10 Trucking Companies In Idaho

At this instant, Handy Truck Line is offering shipping, logistics and warehousing services to their customers. Thanks to their reliable and courteous new trucking equipment the truck drivers of Handy Truck line are able to ship everything, starting from dry goods, up to liquid food grade.


When it comes to the areas of service, we can see that most frequently Handy Truck line is operating throughout the routes of the Western United States.

Timely performance, customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, Handy Truck Line has it all. All employees of this trucking company are constantly striving to provide a common carrier service to their loyal customers, as well as to their potential ones.


Since day one Handy Truck Line is following the Federal Government Safety Guidelines for the trucking industry. This trucking company simply is providing a safe environment to their employees.

Thereupon, this trucking company strives and will continue striving to deliver high-quality services.

6. Gary Amoth Trucking Inc.

Incorporated in 1983, Gary Amoth Trucking grew up to be one of the top 10 trucking companies in Idaho. In fact, this trucking company was incorporated with only one truck, and since then it continued expanding. Nowadays the fleet of this trucking company consists of over 100 trucks.


In addition, this trucking company was originally founded to serve the agriculture industries with the help of grain trucks. These days this trucking company spans numerous industries and is accommodating every type of loads.

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Since day one this trucking company is placing the satisfaction, comfort as well as the safety of their truck drivers and customers above all else. Thanks to that Gary Amoth achieved the best results for their company and became one of the leading trucking companies in Idaho.


Moreover, the culture of this trucking company is very unique, Gary Amoth Trucking is family oriented, and positioned for continued growth in the future.

It is good for you to know the fact that this trucking company has highly qualified truck drivers, as well as experienced dispatch personnel.

7. Idaho Milk Transport

Idaho Milk Transportation is part of the top 10 trucking companies in Idaho as well. What makes this trucking company different, is the fact that it is specializing in the transportation of food grade liquid bulk transportation.


Moreover, the main goal of this trucking company is to provide safe, quality, efficient and safe transportation services. Here are part of the services that this trucking company is ready to offer to their loyal and potential clients:

  • Specialized transportation of food grade products;
  • Hazmat carrier for food grade alcohol products;
  • Intransit heat and air off capable trailers;
  • Trucks and Trailers with PTO pumps;
  • 24 Hour Dispatch;
  • Freight brokerage services;

All things considered, Idaho Milk Transport is always aiming to implement the leading edge of technology. All that with the aim to increase the efficiencies to their customers, at reasonable rates of course.

8. Arlo G. Lott Trucking

Arlo G. Lott is part of the trucking industry for 30 years so far, and throughout that period of time it managed to become one of the top 10 trucking companies in Idaho, as well one of the best trucking companies in the USA.


The main goal of the founder of this trucking company was and still is to exceed the expectation of their customers. Later on, if you get in touch with the employees of this trucking company, you will get the same answer from everyone, which is that they feel like they have become part of the Arlo G. Lott Trucking; it is not any ordinary trucking company.

Moreover, these are part of the services that this trucking company is offering:

  • Flat and Long Haul;
  • Maxi Flatbed;
  • Regional Bulk;
  • Bulk Long Haul;

Nowadays this trucking company is led by Arlo’s children, Andrew Lott and Michelle Miller. Day by day, this trucking company is growing, and its employees are growing their dedication in regards to their work and their employees.


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9. Truscott Inc.

Truscott Inc. is one of the best trucking companies in Idaho. In fact, this trucking company is major common and contract carrier.

Additionally, this trucking company was established in 1980’s by Larry Truscott. Since then this trucking company continued specializing in the industrial and agricultural sectors. Some of their clients are Sysco Foods, John Deere, Green Giant.


If we take a look at the fact that this trucking company since day one is maintaining the Department of Transportation’s highest rating, we will see why it became one of the top 10 trucking companies in Idaho.

All in all, this trucking company is providing the following services:

  • Heavy Haul;
  • Logistics Division;
  • Dry Van Trailers;
  • OTR Trucking;

If you decide to use any of the services that this trucking company is providing, you will get without a doubt a quality transportation of your loads at cost-effective rates.

Keep in mind that Truscott Inc. is specializing in refrigerated trailer transportation, removable gooseneck double drops, flatbeds, as well as step decks.

10. Gilther Inc.

When a trucking company is led with honesty, efficiency, as well as dedication, accordingly it will become one of the top 10 trucking companies in Idaho. Glither Inc. is the best of examples. Also, this trucking company has one of the best trucking company logos.


This trucking company is looking at their customers’ loads as an opportunity to demonstrate their award-winning reputation. Hence, this is one of the few trucking companies in Idaho that is known for their innovation, capacity, service and values.

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Each one of their truck drivers has a can- do attitude when it comes to getting the job done in a safe and time-efficient manner. Forthwith their customers are enjoying stability, and efficient handling of any transportation need that they might have.



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